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mischump, duplicate, wrong etc.


seti: what's this about, actually?
seti: for context

Two choices available for next generation of Xbox 360

^matthew: lol wtf @ microsoft
^matthew: The main difference between the two versions of Xbox is the hard disk drive. The $399.99 version will include a removable 20 GB hard drive while the $299.99 Xbox 360 Core System won't have any disk drive. Lack of a hard drive means that the consumer will have to plunk down additional $40 for a 64 MB memory card if they want to save their place in a middle of a game.
Zerodhero: Yay! MCE on my X-box, Now it will crash just as often as my computer

Buffer overflows in Adobe's pdf readers.

^matthew: Now you can get r00ted just by opening a pdf.
^matthew: see also

Sacrifice? Count me out

Power Ranger accused of murder to steal yacht

UK Police Reports on Subway Shooting Completely False


A battery powered by urine! yes, pee juice! take a whiz to fill 'er up!

coderman: "dude, i saw this hot chick charging her laptop the other day and i was all, HOLY SHIT THAT'S HOT!"
coderman: "then she dribbled a little and licked it off and i went all limp..."


^matthew: A secret military unit repeatedly tried to arrange meetings with the FBI in the year before the September 11 attacks to warn them about the men who went on to lead the hijackers, an former intelligence officer has said.
^matthew: Colonel Shaffer said that lawyers working for the Special Operations Command of the Defence Department, cancelled the meetings because they believed that the surveillance techniques used by Able Danger could be understood as a violation of the rights of people who were living legally in the US.
^matthew: You hear that? That means they didn't pass on information about terrorists because they only knew about it by spying on us.


seti: wtf





Rice Ball Page

Two dead as 200 bombs explode in Bangladesh

^matthew: good game 1% hit rate

Now you need a prescription to buy sudafed in Oregon.

Miss Ethiopia: Supergeek

A Short History of Sharing


(July 28) Microsoft "Genuine Advantage" cracked in 24h

Telstra to be split up

seti: Temperatures in Hell reach all-time low



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