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<octal> please deliver sluts | <coderman> the thick one. that's a pain in the ass.

And what is the most popular thing to do in this town?

Iraqi lawmakers agree to seek 10-day charter extension

^matthew: FAILURE

coder's SDR pr0n

coderman: look at the virtex-II pro daughterboards. tons of high speed D/A A/D on these, and you can just slap one after another in a motherboard, and then through multiple boards in a chasis. jeeezus.
coderman: xilinx dsp dev kits are made by them
Ash: the pc-104 card looks nifty


^matthew: "Google's procedure shifts the responsibility for preventing infringement to the copyright owner rather than the user, turning every principle of copyright law on its ear," the AAP said in a statement.


Derailed train at Amsterdam Centraal Station

seti: What a mess - again.

Cryptographic processors ? a survey

Coders needed!!! Tired of living paycheck to paycheck??????


Consumer Report's Ball-Point Pen Testing Apparatus


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