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Teens operate on dead cat, saving kittens

Ash: damn goths
seti: better than Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist operating on live cats while a student.

RFID Tags In Your Tires


eeeeeee: now with some audio
kp: Lisp freaks

How To Roll A Joint, by Lego

cats alter your braaiin

Thor Rolls A Joint


uid0: Aww, doggy condoms recalled ):
^matthew: "Additionally, meat-scented Dog CondomsĀ® may present a choking hazard, especially for smaller dogs."
uid0: see also http://www.dogcondoms.com/images/dogcondom.jpg
uid0: "Can I Train My Dog To Put It On Himself?

Exploits Released for Latest Microsoft Flaws

coderman: ROFFLEp0wn3dz0r3d!!!! KE KE KE ^_^
coderman: assassination politics for BAD CODERS. some of us need to die.
Ash: "In its updated advisory, Microsoft said it is "disappointed that certain security researchers have breached the commonly accepted industry practice of withholding vulnerability data so close to update release and have published exploit code, potentially harming computer users."

Microsoft's "monkeys" find first zero-day exploit

coderman: 0day l0lz3rz!
coderman: OMGWTFBBQp0wn3d

Listen to the Shuffle While Your Boy Cooks Up


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