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DefCon. Not even AOL Security Edition can stop us.

NINJAM -- Live music from locationally challanged musicians

cryptomail: winamp works with that

Student sentenced to vomit cleanup

The Optimal Stopping Problem and relationships.

Mutiny: The whole reason I started maintaining a Lovers Spreadsheet.

Strip closed in both directions between the riviera and the stardust

Ash: three suspicious backpacks left near the riviera valet

The $100 Laptop Project: One Laptop Per Child



SKIPJACK: that is one official webpage of Guidance Software, which makes EnCase
SKIPJACK: EnCase is the premiere data analysis software used by forensic law enforcement agents
SKIPJACK: As part of it's features, it says:
SKIPJACK: Encrypted Volumes and Hard drive encryption: EnCase can analyze and acquire mounted encrypted volumes like PGP and DriveCrypt and give examiners full access to data on hard drives that are wrapped with encryption technology, like safeboot.



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