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House poised to reauthorize USA Patriot Act

coderman: motherfuckers!
coderman: "Since its enactment, there have been zero, and I repeat zero verified instances of civil liberty abuses," said Georgia Republican Phil Gingrey, opening debate in the House. "We have kept all abuses very secret. we doubt the truth will ever come out."

Holy shit this fills me with rage

hardware entropy is good

China cuts Yuan-Dollar link

^matthew: see also

Bashish - a theme engine for the console.

^matthew: Bashish is a theme-engine using bash and other POSIX shells to customize nearly all aspects of the terminal: title, colors, prompt, font, background, etc. It has a modular design which makes it easy to add features (and it does have a lot) while keeping good performance.
coderoldman: hey, i've heard of this. it's called SCREEN
coderoldman: damn you, young whippersnappers
coderoldman: im tired of your continual reimplementation. RPC is still better than CORBA!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Canada endorses same-sex marriage.

^matthew: Starting today, homosexual couples in Alberta, Prince Edward Island, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories -- the four Canadian jurisdictions where same-sex unions had not been legalized -- will be able to obtain a marriage licence.

America's religious right | You ain't seen nothing yet | Economist.com

b0at: " In the 1960s, many liberal Americans thought they had banned religion from the public square for good." -- and JFK was at the same time a Catholic
seti: apparently you can be catholic without being fundamentalist christian on a crusade, as is the case now
seti: s/can/could/ ...?

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