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greek salad ho!!!!!!

Wireless Mesh Standard Proposal On Tap

Windows Flaw Could Allow DOS Attacks

burtonator: What else is new?
burtonator: In other news.. the sky is blue
coderman: just happened at a convenient time

Study: U.S. Divorce Rate Is Falling

coderman: "The divorce rate in the United States is falling, and a new study offers an explanation: More people are shacking up instead of getting married." - OH NOES!
coderman: they are imprisoned together! lol. all a matter of viewpoint i guess. ;)
coderman: also, the tax break is nice.


coderman: the locale kit looks decent
coderman: also, LONG LIVE C++, mwahahahaha!
coderman: rotting coder brains forevar



Zerodhero: Who has this much time?



Why Stoners Should be Castrated

^matthew: Users of marijuana, otherwise known as dopers, stoners, perverts, devil worshippers, or child molesting criminals, present a menace to society the likes of which has not been seen since Adolf Hitler and his band of barbaric followers pillaged and raped Europe.
coderman: "HACK3D BY CHINESE"
^matthew: Marijuana distorts perceptions, thinking, and reality. It makes if difficult to form concepts and thoughts. Marijuana can also cause loss of motivation, and aggression. How many stoners are on the highway right now? Do you want aggressive people who cannot form concepts driving at excessive rates of speed behind you on the highway?
coderman: yes. yes i do.
^matthew: Since marijuana users care little for their reproductive health, else they would not use the drug, castration is a cost-effective way of guaranteeing that a new generation of stoners will not arise to menace our children. Most stoners would not notice their castration, anyway. It could be done safely and painlessly by medical students or veterinarians while the stoners were in a drug-induced stupor. No anesthetic would be needed.

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