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happy 30th birthday to uid0! :: and the coders found themselves forced into the oceans :: stem cell junk enhancement

Planarity (flash puzzle)

Ash: watch out, it's addictive

Depantsing: latest Japanese trend (NSFW)


rik: Stalk NYC inhabitants, and kill them with water weapons. (opt-in, don't just pick someone and squirt them. that's bad ettiquette)
rik: i helped play this at cam.ac.uk, but they had lots more interesting wayos of killing people. rubber knifes, bombs (container of water, with formula to work out explosive area, and something to make them go bang), contact poison (talc, the year i played), and a safe/elephant/piano/fridge (empty cardboard box with the choice of object on, dropped from the 1st floor (2nd floor for americans) only)
rik: .. oh, and exploding light bulbs ((any light bulb that was red exploded and killed everyone in the room when it was switched on). Of course, this meant that developing your own B&W film at home became slightly risky...


simmo: LOL! -- "Psychiatrists - The Men Behind Hitler"
simmo: LOL! "Between 10% to 25% of mental health practitioners admit to sexually abusing their patients."
simmo: W2k banned in germany because of scientology links of a software author - hahaha



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