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and the coders found themselves forced into the oceans || stem cell privates enlargement


Prayer Doesn't Improve Outcome for Heart Patients, Study Finds

^matthew: naw really?


^matthew: A federal appeals court ruled on Friday that a Guantanamo prisoner accused of being Osama bin Laden's bodyguard could be tried by a military tribunal, reversing a lower court decision that such a trial was unlawful and would violate his rights.
^matthew: Lame.


^matthew: NEW YORK - An internal investigation at SCO in August 2002 reported that not a single line of code in the Linux kernel was found that violated SCO's copyright, according to an e-mail obtained by legal Web site Groklaw.

Man vs. Machine - be afraid, Karl. be very afraid!

coderman: ""Fitzgerald is a prosecution machine," the old editor said. "When he wants somebody, he goes after them with whatever he's got. If he can't make the case he started with, he'll figure out what you did do and hit you with that."
coderman: "He's relentless, and he doesn't give a flying fuck about the press or the First Amendment. He'd throw us all in jail if it would help him make his case."
coderman: the bullshit coming out of Luskin, the lawyer who accepted half a million in gold bars for payment (that he had to give back, since it was laundered drug money) is amusing
coderman: specifically it makes me wonder if the scope of the investigation is widening significantly, as he hints that Karl is under investigation for more than just that one little divulging undercover op statute.
coderman: i want to see that fat fuck gang raped in his nappy ass for a decade in prison
coderman: what a total piece of shit...


^matthew: "Mr Rove told the grand jury that syndicated newspaper columnist Robert Novak had telephoned him and told him the operative's name, the Associated Press and the New York Times reported."
nym: rove tries to spin


rik: Invader Zim, set to music!


rik: "While my guitar gently weeps", on ukelele.
rik: stick around for the solo

fanless water cooler for CPU

simmo: 1.3 sq meter surface area
simmo: pump makes audible humming
simmo: heatsink cannot be placed too far from the waterblocks due to the weak pump
simmo: now if they can just think of a way to recycle the waste heat to run my fridge ...

Anyone else think Rove was the one having sex with Gannon?

I Am Courtney Cox's Asshole.

Awesome Emoticon!


burtonator: ""
burtonator: There are people in this community who will continue to lobby against legal downloads no matter what the terms or what technology is used. I swear, sometimes I think that if Linus himself started a company that sold no-DRM OGG Vorbis songs for a penny a piece and you got a free blowjob from Natalie Portman with every 10 purchased tracks that we'd still see posts on slashdot justifying P2P piracy because we didn't get to
burtonator: pick out Natalie's outfit when she showed up at our parent's basement to deliver.

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