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Noncompetes are illegal in California


Rovar: my god, I must have that for my parlour's window treatment


rik: cat jenga site.
Rovar: b0at the copycat websights; thingsonmyfeline.com, junk-on-my-pussy.com, etc

Justice Rehnquist Hospitalized, Conservatives Pray for Retirement/Death



^matthew: want
nym: he's asking for too much
nym: should be no reserve!
^matthew: video




Zerodhero: Ex-WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers Sentenced to 25 Years
Zerodhero: WOOT!

Anti-war activists submitted a ballot measure Monday that would put the city on record as opposing the presence of military recruiters in public high schools and colleges.

seti: "No Child Left Behind" gave recruiters enormous access to schools' records. Good to see this is getting reined in

Fear and redemption at ICANN meeting in Luxembourg

seti: "I have come to the horrible realisation that VeriSign is never going to like me. This, as you can imagine, is a heavy weight on anyone?s shoulders. As such, I would like to extend a sincere offer to this internet giant to provide me with just one example of its action that I can agree with and I will proudly write about it."

Governor Must Reverse Illegal Denial of Medical Marijuana Cards to Patients or Face Lawsuit

kp: “Governor Schwarzenegger took an oath of office to uphold state laws, not hijack them,” said Allen Hopper, an attorney with the ACLU Drug Law Reform Project. “California voters and the legislature have rejected the federal war on medical marijuana patients, and the governor must respect that judgment.”
kp: Attorneys general in Oregon and Hawaii similarly upheld their states’ medical marijuana programs, despite the federal laws that criminalize medical marijuana. The Oregon Attorney General’s formal statement clarified that, “…Because the Act [Oregon’s medical marijuana law] remains valid state law, DHS [Oregon Department of Human Services] continues to be responsible for maintaining the issuance of the cards…”

WTF? LapJuicer

Look for Stolen Car! light blue 92 BMW 325i license plate

kp: "You can also bust out the driver window, pop the hood, and pull out the fuel pump relay in the fuse box in the upper driverside corner so the car won't start.(There are 3 relays at the very top of the box to the right."
burtonator: but the guy deleted the license plate

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