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< Mutiny_> i'm a bad egypt, BAD EGYPT... i deserve a 6 day SPANKING.

This has been my day.

this girl on hotornot calls herself "intellagent"


Tonus: ...
geebus: ...wtf?

Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP (ICMP) that the IETF refuses to fix, or even acknowledge

seti: older but funny anyway
seti: also, it seems Theo delegated the publicity handling of this away... how sensible!

Court 'gagging order' over Harry Potter book

^matthew: A handful of people who were sold copies of the new Harry Potter book more than a week before its release have been officially gagged.
^matthew: Fourteen people bought the book after it was mistakenly put on display in a Canadian shop. The purchasers have been ordered not to talk about, copy, or even read the novel, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
^matthew: useful information
seti: this is insanity. complete and utter insanity. getting banned from reading a book you paid for???
Ash: welcome to corporate-owned government
seti: Reasons for Judgment Released This Week

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