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<Fawn> holy fuck my hair is anime purple || /teh intarnet is fool of morans || define: understand


Zerodhero: Wooden Ipod

^matthew went fishing

^matthew: That's me in the scales.
^matthew: That's eeeeeee cuddling up close.


News article. Serious.

rik: Zoom in to 300%, and read the text at the bottom left of the monitor


Means, apparatus, and method of security and convenience through voluntary disclosure

^matthew: Outlines several methods for searching people without them knowing, and a business plan to get people to disclose personal information.

European Parliament says no to software patents

Yes, it's true, PCWorld says so: hidden, traceable data in every page printed

seti: watch the yellow toner deplete slowly in your color laser printer, even if you only print black pages
seti: if you're lucky it's implemented in your printer driver; in that case using to Free Software will keep you safe
seti: printer heads always have a "fingerprint" so if law enforcement finds your printer they can pretty safely say if a certain page was printed on it; however, with the serial# on every page, finding a certain printer becomes much easier.
seti: don't pay with credit cards, pay cash.


MutinyDisabled: Interesting dual-legend QWERTY/Dvorak layout keyboards with a unique key structure

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