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NPR - Picking diplomatic plums for allies

seti: about choices of US embassadors
seti: almost 8 minutes; no swearing; may contain references to Canada.


happy_broccoli: the industry has become very risk-averse, and if you're not willing to take risks, how can you be truly creative? That's why we see the same old dogshit repackaged year after year. The head of a studio can stand up and say, "We made you X dollars with Mega Crap Blockbuster last year, and this year, we'll be giving you Mega Crap Blockbuster II: Electric Boogaloo! Lindsey Lohan is attached, so we'll make 2.5X dollars!"

it was rove

burtonator: Wow.. this will turn into a political showdown if true
burtonator: Though I assume Bush will pardon him
coderman: YES, there is a god!

First Church of Galactus


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