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Anal sex is the new black.

Perl's Chip Salzenberg Sued, Home Raided

coderman: "In April of this year, Health Market Science of King of Prussia, PA, told police that they feared I was misappropriating trade secrets. That very afternoon, police raided my house with a search warrant to seize every computer in the house, paper files, CDs, and DVDs... even my wireless router and cable modem!

International Journal of FLUID PHASE EQUILIRIA

coderman: you would be hard pressed to find a more esoteric subject
coderman: 90% of the papers invoke a WTF?!?
coderman: heheh

Is glass liquid or solid?

coderman: ah, such a simple question leading to such complicated problems
coderman: "Some people claim that glass is actually a supercooled liquid because there is no first order phase transition as it cools. In fact, there is a second order transition between the supercooled liquid state and the glass state, so a distinction can still be drawn."
coderman: " A liquid to crystal transition is a thermodynamic one; i.e. the crystal is energetically more favourable than the liquid when below the melting point. The glass transition is purely kinetic: i.e. the disordered glassy state does not have enough kinetic energy to overcome the potential energy barriers required for movement of the molecules past one another."
coderman: "There is no clear answer to the question "Is glass solid or liquid?". In terms of molecular dynamics and thermodynamics it is possible to justify various different views that it is a highly viscous liquid, an amorphous solid, or simply that glass is another state of matter which is neither liquid nor solid. The difference is semantic."
coderman: well there you have it. the answer is that we will never have a definitive answer!
coderman: <coderman> i bet the singularity knows the answer

Unsolved problems in physics

MutinyWork: calisthenics for your brain.
seti: Also

CAIDA Network Telescope Analysis

coderman: i'd like to know what kind of fun details they don't report about.

We're TOTALLY going to war with Iran next!

burtonator: New President is a Terrorist

Major pirating bust targeting groups pre-releasing movies.


matthew_: First abuse of recent Kelo ruling (that I know of).
Ash: ""They basically said no to the Constitution," his wife, Jan Costanzo says. "Put a hammer and sickle there. That’s what they're going to -- a country that can take your property and give it to someone else.""
Ash: mmm communism

Man to try to seize home of Supreme Court justice

coderman: yay, more coverage of lost liberty hotel in the news
coderman: "A California man, angry over a U.S. Supreme Court decision expanding government power to take private property, says he will try to use the ruling to seize the New Hampshire home of Justice David Souter and convert it into a hotel to be named the Lost Liberty Hotel."
coderman: "This is a serious project and if we get enough money from investors we will proceed with it," said Logan Darrow Clements. "It's solely for the purpose of showing (Souter) that his decision was unjust," he said. "We hope to make a profit as well but I don't agree with eminent domain so the irony is that we are going to use eminent domain against him."




MutinyWork: Sodarace is the online olympics pitting human creativity against machine learning in a competition to design robots that race over 2D terrains using the Sodaconstructor virtual construction kit.
coderman: wow, this is pretty cool! like core wars, but with CRUSHING OF HUMANS

BitTorrent may be next target for copyright cops

matthew_: Good luck coppers!
coderman: shit, what have they got to loose? a few million in legal fees? hahahah, like they fucking care.
Ash: watch out for THE CRIME STICK
coderman: "BitTorrent is widely used to trade copyrighted materials such as movies and television shows. But it also has many non-infringing uses, and legal experts say it may fare better than Grokster under the freshly minted legal precedent handed down this week."
coderman: "And in a manifesto on his Web site from several years ago, he stated that one of his goals was to "commit digital piracy." -- OH CRAP, IS #iA GOING TO BITE ME IN THE ASS YEARS FROM NOW??
coderman: i bet Ash sells me out to the man for a mere $5.95
Zerodhero: And this is a shock to anyone?

Suspected file-swappers arrested in global raid

Ash: i wonder what raid level they run the global raid on
coderman: "Authorities raided several locations in The Netherlands on Wednesday as part of an operation initiated by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and arrested three people on suspicion of computer file-sharing"
coderman: "Authorities in the United States made arrests as well, and were expected to announce the results of their raid at 2 p.m. Eastern time (1800 GMT)"
coderman: i'm pretty sure they pulled out all the stops and hit these guys with some multi dimensional raid 6 parity of great justice

reiser4 vs politics: linux misses out again

simmo: in response to Linux: Reiser4 Plugins
seti: Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful flamewar.
simmo: lkmk RSS feed
simmo: i love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Enemies of Carlotta ... mailing list engine

Bush creates National Security Service

silentfury_: Bush creates the NSS!

Sun's Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation

MutinyWork: Not sure why it has pictures of a Tadpole laptop in the upper left. Maybe they just bought Tadpole's design?
MutinyWork: Honestly Sun must be retarded trying to sell an UltraSPARC based laptop. You end up paying a 5x price premium for an Athlon equiped laptop with similar specs.
MutinyWork: I also like the 'I like the new design of the Sun web site.' thing at the bottom.

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