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The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs

^matthew: by Edward M. Brecher and the Editors of Consumer Reports Magazine, 1972. Updated 7/25/2004.

Seagate Savvio - 2.5", 10krpm U320 SCSI hard drive

Hard drives with encryption before writing, for the whole disk. 3DES shortly, AES to come.

coderman: this is what i use a nice little 20W VIA C5J cpu for. 256bit AES, montgomery mult., two hardware entropy sources clocking >10-50Mbps
coderman: also allows me to use commodity cheap drives :)
memeticist: coderman, that's only feasible for non-portable systems, though
memeticist: this seems to be with laptops in mind (2.5")
Ash: Laptops are the most obvious platform to benefit from this type of technology; those things get stolen all the time
memeticist: precisely, which is why i use OTF-encryption on every laptop i admin :)
memeticist: but OSS full-disk solutions are lacking
coderman: my nano-itx is portable :P




Zerodhero: Its now free


The Complete Military History of France

Japan cedes ITER project to France

I'm as arrogant as I am foolish

burtonator: Add your own title!
^matthew: President Bush (news, websites) feels his gelatinous manboobs.
burtonator: check out my cuff links!




burtonator: makes me dizzy


Ash: hey matthew, check this out

Maxtor 200GB L01P200 Ultra Series 8MB Buffer UATA133

kp: $70.00 bucks.
kp: Limit 1 per Household.

Grokster. Discuss.

seti: # The SCOTUS overturned a summary judgment that was based on the (flawed) premise that Sony created an absolute shield. They said, "No, if you would be liable absent the technology issue, you're still liable" and sent it back for trial on the merits.
coderman: the key here is the type of liability: not only do you need to wory about contributory and vicarious infringement, but the mere fact that you provide a tool with some vague and ill defined concept of "intent to infringe" open you up to legal vulernability of secondary infringement despite any capacity to halt it.
seti: basically, don't sell guns.
coderman: and given the content cartel's love for lawsuits this means they will sue you to find intent, and oops, none there, our bad. hope you're not bankrupt now! mwahaha
coderman: "Despite offsetting considerations, [read: non infringing uses, previously sheltered under betamax] the argument for imposing indirect liability here is powerful, given the number of infringing downloads that occur daily using respondents software [Grokster and Morpheus]."
coderman: "When a widely shared product is used to commit infringement, it may be impossible to enforce rights in the protected work effectively against all direct infringers, so that the only practical alternative is to go against the device's distributor for secondary liability on a theory of contributory or vicarious infringement."
coderman: One infringes contributorily by intentionally inducing or encouraging direct infringement, and infringes vicariously by profiting from direct infringement while declining to exercise the right to stop or limit it."
coderman: nutshel version: attention p2p co's, please install your filters and open up a DMCA complaint office! thanks!
coderman: only _you_, dear p2p co's, have the power to stop RAMPANT THEFT OF LONG NUMBERS!
coderman: Adam Eisgrau - "While the Court clearly feels that the conduct of a technologist, or the people who market a technology, should be relevant to the calculus as to whether they've culpably helped people infringe copyright, that is really going to be a nightmare as a practical matter."
coderman: cracks me up that Sony, parent of MGM, once defendant in betamax is now plaintiff against grokster/morpheous
coderman: "As anybody who deals with the law [knows], intent is always the squishy thing that people argue about all the time," said legal expert Richard Santalesa

Kp's Crap 4 Sale

kp: Shoot me a PM if interested in anything.
seti: or I just shoot you for making chump roll over, how about that

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