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New York Super Fudge Chunk is health food.

White House Rejects Democrats' Demand for Apology From Rove

coderman: "president Bush said 'we are not a party of pussies who cave in to these demands, like the Democrats and Richard Durbin"
seti: "Rove's reference to indictments was derived straight from Bush's speeches at political fundraisers [...]" - actually I think you'll find it's directly the opposite.


rik: "This is done by laser and evapourative coioling, which we are willing to bet is easier to type than to do."
seti: amusingly ironic

Oil Prices Briefly Hit Record $60 a Barrel

coderman: awww yeah!
Ash: I am selling oil at the low low price of $200 barrel
cryptomail: Anyone want to make FOUR MORE BARRELS stickers with me?

U.S. not losing Iraq war, Rumsfeld insists

coderman: "Those who say we are losing this war are wrong. We are not. We are simply stuck in an endless quagmire of death and destruction with neither side making any progress." - may have paraphrased that a little.

For those who need really STRONG milk



aminorex: Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
aminorex: The actor cannot hear the publicist;
aminorex: Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
aminorex: Mere Scientology is loosed upon the world,
aminorex: The squirting microphone is loosed, and everywhere
aminorex: The memory of BRAD and ANGELINA is drowned;
aminorex: The press lacks all conviction, while TOM CRUISE
aminorex: Is full of passionate intensity,
aminorex: Really, really passionate intensity.
aminorex: Surely some revelation is at hand;
aminorex: Surely there is a movie they have to promote.
aminorex: 'The War of the Batmans' or something! Hardly are those words out
aminorex: When a vast image out of 'Dianetics'
aminorex: Troubles my sight: somewhere near the Eiffel Tower
aminorex: A shape with KATIE HOLMES's body and the head of Mr. Cruise,
aminorex: A gaze blank and jovial as the sun,
aminorex: Is holding a press conference, while all about it
aminorex: Reel shadows of the indignant Star reporters.
aminorex: The darkness drops again; but now I know
aminorex: That two months of interminable news coverage
aminorex: Were vexed to nightmare by a publicist's confirmation,
aminorex: And what vapid interview, its hour come round at last,
aminorex: Slouches towards the Ziegfeld to be born?
aminorex: -- Campbell Robertson and Fiona Byrne (apologies to WBYeats)

No sex, no violence, unspeakable obscenity

FBI covers up the cover-up of the cover-up

Firm says replace 100,000 faulty bulletproof vests

coderman: it's a good time to be a cop killa

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses -- even against their will -- for private economic development.

^matthew: The Supreme Court ruled that eminent domain applies to much more than you think.
aminorex: The supreme court ruled that the government, down to the town council level, can engage in piracy to line their pockets.
coderman: arrrrr!
coderman: pirates that give you a little booty for your wares perhaps
aminorex: Do you think this will be used to nationalize oil companies? I don't THINK so.
aminorex: It will be used to consolidate wealth to those who have PAID for the government, taking it away from those who wasted their money on HANDBAGS and ALIEN PSPS

Giant Popsicle Melts, Floods NYC Park

coderman: "the company was unlikely to make a second attempt to break the record, set by a 21-foot ice pop in Holland in 1997."

Feds Target Pot Dispensaries in California

coderman: "Federal drug agents launched a crackdown on medical marijuana providers in California Wednesday, raiding more than 20 dispensaries and charging two people."
coderman: "But Laurence Lichter, an attorney representing Fry and Schafer, questioned the charges against his clients, who according to the indictment grew more than 100 marijuana plants during the two-year period."
^matthew: Reportedly in conjunction with money laundering, for which the pot was a front.
coderman: wait a minute, is the 100 plant limit for concurrent growth or total growth? cause it would really suck to have a crop of dozens replanted every year and somehow land in justice department crosshairs

Sony bid to stop grey imports

^matthew: The Japanese electronics giant Sony is demanding that companies importing its hotly anticipated PlayStation Portable to Britain reveal their customers' identities so the equipment can be tracked down.
^matthew: Gamers who have bought the imported version ahead of its British launch in September could see the consoles impounded, following the launch of a legal action by Sony.
aminorex: WTF? It's the greys again.
aminorex: Behind those big black eyes is a calculating smuggler of consumer electronics
coderman: ... who is 13 years old and will fuck for prada

Cloned meat: SAFE

Flash animation martial arts stance posture diagrams in 3d

simmo: its not recommend for beginners to do a one handed handstand press up
^matthew: The issue doesn't come up much though, because beginners can't do those.



Most popular search terms on various britney spears search engines

simmo: man why can't i embed this into the chump?!

Photos of panther spotted in a Dutch forest (Veluwe)

simmo: Pussy.

Dangerous exercises to avoid

simmo: or to force enemy combatants to do .. your choice
simmo: do not do head circles at all
simmo: the ones where you roll your head around like a rag doll
simmo: instead isolate forward-backward tipping, side-side tipping, and left-right rotating
simmo: support shoulders by hands on hips for forward-back and right-left


simmo: now with tabs
simmo: "file - new" to create a new empty window tab
seti: tqabnbed

iToilet mod

seti: "no shit!"

Ayman "slips away every time" al-Zawahiri seems to be a Republican

aminorex: “This Ummah will not accept any forms of laws or governments other than the Shariah which was sent down from the Lord of the Worlds. This Ummah has suffered a great deal from man-made laws that were forced on them by the crusaders and their allies from our own.”
aminorex: Emphasis on soverignty? Check
aminorex: “Our land is occupied by the enemies of Allah, from East to West. Our land is being used as a base from which enemy forces take off to kill thousands upon thousands of Muslims across the globe.”
aminorex: Bullish on 'Homeland Security'? Check
aminorex: "The judicial system (based on Islamic Shariah) must have autonomy and must be respected and not tampered with. The verdicts of the Islamic judges verdicts must be final and must be enforced with full vigor."
aminorex: Rule of law, based on tradition of the commandments of God, with an independent judiciary adhering to original principles? Check
aminorex: Scott Horton thinks Ayman should run for the U.S. Senate

US administration bases policy on news reports previously leaked by the administration itself

aminorex: A whole new kind of "echo chamber"

Malignant Egophrenia, the index case


Betel-chewing for Americanos, an overview.

A program structure editor demo thing

You're a torus? Cool, I'm a livre.

aminorex: Hypothetical Apple "eBook" laptop/notebook design.
aminorex: added merely to provide astrological balance

I'm a torus.

aminorex: UV Polar view of the sun illustrates mid-equatorial torus, consistent with the view that the sun has an electrostatic charge

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