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Congressmen call for U.S. withdrawal

coderman: "The Republican congressman who pushed for "french fries" to be renamed "freedom fries" joined a bipartisan group of House members Thursday to call on President Bush to begin plans for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq."
coderman: will sanity prevail?
cryptomail: flip flopper
coderman: "A White House spokesman emphasized the need to complete the mission and said Bush would "sharpen his focus" in his public appearances to counter a sag in public support for the war."
coderman: "when pressed for details the white house responded: 'I think we need to cultivate a few more terrorist events on domestic soil, through intelligence failures and lack of planning at the FBI and homeland security departments"
coderman: ...' these forthcoming incidents will help remind the american public how dangerous the threat of terrorism remains to themselves and the lives of everyone they care about, and also the imminent danger to the easter bunny and even chritianity itself'.
coderman: ...' in short, this administration is committed to continued ignorance and fallibility to perpetuate the continued safety of american citizens through privacy and freedom erosions. support the patriot act expansions or your babies will di! thank you. good day.'
MutinyWork: sanity cannot prevail in an insane asylum.
cryptomail: summer blockbuster forthcoming?

SPKI - part of this complete security breakfast

Names: Decentralized, Secure, Human-Meaningful: Choose Two

spamming bittorrent engines. lots of new search means lots of new spam

coderman: decenetralized resource discovery is hard. but i think there is a solution to zooko's secure names rubicon

Justice Department May Be Using Controversial Patriot Act Powers After All, Letter Reveals

coderman: "Ironically, Judge Huvelle said that Ashcroft’s announcement last year that the Section 215 power had not yet been used had helped, not harmed, the ACLU’s arguments in the FOIA case, because he had "implicitly, if not explicitly" acknowledged the public interest in information relating to the government’s use of Section 215."

The San Andreas fault and the Bay Area

House votes to repeal part of USA Patriot Act

coderman: "In a move that may signal a tougher battle ahead, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted Wednesday to remove the Patriot Act provision that "allows federal agents to examine people's book-reading habits at public libraries and bookstores as part of terrorism investigations."
seti: it's not like the FBI ever used that provision.
coderman: "The Associated Press characterizes the vote as a slap at President Bush, who has spent much of his time over the past few weeks campaigning for an expanded USA Patriot Act." - haha, fucker
coderman: sure they didn't. no one knows, which is kind of the point.
coderman: "The White House issued a statement threatening to veto the appropriations bill if its final version contains any language that weakens the Patriot Act." - another nuclear option on the way?


Zerodhero: Prison Wine


^matthew: I want this cubicle.
Zerodhero: I agree, that is friggin sweet
Zerodhero: Just need to add a few cannons, and it would damn near be perfect

this looks like a google project. is google behind this? :o


Zerodhero: uhhhh, wtf mate


^matthew: Article is the suck, but the headline amused me.


^matthew: FOREIGN tourists requesting visas to visit Germany for the Pope’s first pilgrimage abroad are being asked searching questions about their knowledge of Christianity.
^matthew: Aren't German protestant, er, protesting?


seti: seems to be fake
b0at: http://www.roflcaeks.biz/homelandletter.psd The text is separate and looks different from the letterhead.
b0at: Source of the signature
b0at: Another draft?
seti: removed already!


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