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"Bourdin convinced them that he was their son, despite his brown eyes and strong French accent."

aminorex: This guy gives Mitnick lessons in lying.


aminorex: Wrong Emperor




Most states allow 5-10 mph speeding cushion for motorists

coderman: the 5MPH makes sense, as the guns aren't quite accurate enough within that margin, but 10 is generous. and this Jim Champagne fuck wants to get rid of all margins. you bastard!

Spiral Jetty on yahoo newz thing

Off-duty behavior can affect job

Military draft back on US agenda

^matthew: sweet
coderman: "THE United States would "have to face" a painful dilemma on restoring the military draft as rising casualties saw the number of volunteers dry up, a senator warned today."
^matthew: This article is a bunch of hand wavey bs. Yes we know a draft is one solution; nobody's proposed a bill to restart it, or anything concrete like that. The thrust of the article is "we might have to do this pretty soon so we better start thinking about it."
coderman: there is hope i suppose. that we will begin to phase out troops despite the unreadiness of the iraqi forces. but i don't see that likely given the current administration. if i was a betting man, i'd give odds to a draft over an early pullout.
coderman: also, i've routinely had my hope crushed under the jack boot of operation enduring our freedom to crush and destroy. so perhaps i'm a little biased.

Church sues Church in DMCA row

IM used more and more to find work in Hollywood

Newsweek's Baghdad Bureau Chief departs Iraq, has some closing words

seti: "The four-square-mile Green Zone, the one place in Baghdad where foreigners are reasonably safe, could be a showcase of American values and abilities. Instead the American enclave is a trash-strewn wasteland of Mad Max-style fortifications. The traffic lights don't work because no one has bothered to fix them."
seti: "The garbage rarely gets collected. Some of the worst ambassadors in U.S. history are the GIs at the Green Zone's checkpoints. They've repeatedly punched Iraqi ministers, accidentally shot at visiting dignitaries and behave (even on good days) with all the courtesy of nightclub bouncers--to Americans and Iraqis alike."
seti: short and brutal.

Dean is right

b0at: Like most pep talks, completely bereft of content.
aminorex: But he's still right.

burtonator still can't read.

Consciousness causes Collapse

MutinyWork: "Consciousness causes collapse is an interpretation of quantum mechanics based on the idea that conscious observers should be considered responsible for the wavefunction collapse into the forms or objects we see around us."
MutinyWork: DEEP
seti: Also, untrue - see: multiverse
aminorex: Hey, I don't have this problem. Does that mean I'm not conscious?
MutinyWork: Incase you guys didn't know, seti thinks he's qualified to pass judgement on quantum theories
aminorex: So do I
aminorex: Everett-Wheeler roolz! Copenhagen droolz!
MutinyWork: "God doesn't play dice." --Einstein
MutinyWork: "Einstein, don't tell God what to do." --Bohr

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