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Adrenaline Strips

MutinyWork: Simple, pure caffiene that diffuses straight into your bloodstream through the tongue.


the king of yue sent xi shi to wu with fan li. she was so beautiful that the king of wu neglected matters of state, and lost his kingdom to yue.



coderman: i wonder if the secret service is going to crack down on this kind of advertising :)
MutinyWork: The instant gratification you'd get and the instant respect of millions of Americans is worth more than thousands of Xbox 360s.

The Increasingly Unpopular President

coderman: do i see a trend here??
coderman: "When is it time to start referring to Bush as an unpopular president? When his approval ratings are solidly below 50 percent for at least three months? Check. When his approval ratings on his signature issues are in the red? Check. When a clear majority of Americans say he is ignoring the public's concerns and instead has become distracted by issues that most people say they care little about? Check."
coderman: hahahaha, maybe the press will finally abandon that "popular president" fallacy now

US Army falls short of recruiting targets for 4th month

Greenspan, regulators raise volume of housing alarm

coderman: ""The dramatic increase in the prevalence of interest-only loans, as well as the introduction of other relatively exotic forms of adjustable-rate mortgages are developments of particular concern," Greenspan told Congress.
coderman: "Donald Powell, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which supervises banks and insures deposits, this week said more than 30 percent of all home loans in 2004 were "nontraditional," or anything other than a 30-year, fixed-rate fully amortizing mortgage." -- that's not good news
cryptomail: I'll own you all when you all default. Revel now in the santorum froth of the housing market.

Playstation 3 hard disk to run Linux

coderman: "Like a proper supercomputer, says Sony chief" - hah

Photo of Coderman


aminorex: This led to the faintly surreal experience of three gentlemen in horsehair wigs examining the meaning of such phrases as 'mish mish man' and 'shizzle my nizzle'," the judge said.

tools of the next revolution

coderman: cordless powertools, like this V28 bandsaw
coderman: the portable thermic lance / an/or ocyacetylene torches
coderman: detailed knowledge of critical infrastructure vulnerabilities
coderman: portable post hole diggers
coderman: some thermite, and that should cover most of the bases
coderman: evading law enforcement is another long topic of discussion though...
coderman: diamond core drills might be worthwhile too, but they are slow so use a thermic lance when possible
coderman: gas/electric breakers also handy
MutinyWork: I'm not really sure if "post hole diggers" are going to play a big part in our next grand revolution.
MutinyWork: more like "tools of coderman's next home remodeling project."


burtonator: Down USA


Frogs rain down on Odzaci, Serbia

Oral Sex in Accordance with God's Will

Ash: work safe!
^matthew: Ash lies.
cryptomail: safe from etherpeg, Ash means

<burtonator> I totally have a stalker

b0at: lucky bastard
burtonator: not my style

Bluespoon G5

MutinyWork: Now THAT is a Bluetooth headset.

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