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< Fawn> sucking down pubic hair isn't part of giving head

Horseshit. *STAB*


Ash: the lisp/scientology intersection


The Nike Missle Cozy Project


coderman: "a report out last week estimates that replacing marijuana prohibition with a taxation and regulation system - as exists for alcohol - would produce combined savings and tax revenues of between $10 billion and $14 billion per year."
coderman: "The report, by Jeffrey Miron, visiting professor of economics at Harvard University, has been endorsed by more than 500 economists, including well-known conservative Milton Friedman of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University."
seti: <cue the obvious question from the right: "What do they think they are smoking?">

What is Chinese for Gattaca?

aminorex: Answer: Gattaca. It's a nucleotide sequence. Technical Chinese is mostly English with Chinese grammar and glue.

Most Will Be Mentally Ill at Some Point, Study Says

coderman: "More than half of Americans will develop a mental illness at some point in their lives, often beginning in childhood or adolescence" -- this explains our last election! finally i don't have to wonder what the hell is wrong with half the country. they are just fucked in the head.


^matthew: then drop a dollar in his hat.
coderman: hey, i work here! what the hell!?!?
coderman: the linear graph is much more impressive. shows the DOWNWARD PLUMMET nicely.
coderman: in reality the infone branding is also helping out other aspects of the business by lending credibility, but yeah, $70 million for a few hundred thousdand customers? that's like buying them a playstation each to dial 411


cute bunnies!

aminorex: every one has heard of "rabbit warren"
aminorex: and "pirate roberts"
aminorex: but no one ever mentions the dread rabbit warren. is it fear?

In other news, hell froze over, and Duke Nukem Forever was released.

aminorex: Goya, "Duel with Cudgels"

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