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63% of british girls want to be glamour models, 25% want to be lap dancers, and 3% want to be teachers

aminorex: I wonder what proportion of the 3% want to teach lap dancing?

Photo report of the(tm) keynote speech.

Tonus: what cpu would you like to run this on today

Apple, please ues teh solaris on osx!@%!@!! si teh awesam!

Ash: "As you know, we recently unveiled Solaris 10, the world's highest volume and most secure UNIX, running on all volume platforms - SPARC and both AMD and Intel x64. We've seen a huge rush of downloads (topping 1.5 million licenses) - and as you continue exploring the x64 platform as an alternative for your users, the opportunity to join forces on an operating system seems readily at hand."
cryptomail: "write once, run anywhere?" bwuhahahahaha


Zerodhero: Intersting way of doing things

Apple Developer Transition kit for Intel

Ash: note that the $999 is a rental, you get to keep it until the end of 2006


coderman: hahaha. just kidding. ... or am i? :o
coderman: maybe when the draft is fired up next year people will start to realize how bad our situation is.
coderman: or maybe nuclear war between israel and iran. that would probably freak people out.

the downing street memo, why does no one give a shit?

coderman: probably because we all knew this was a war for oil from the start, and no one cared anyway. why should they care now?


dinosaurs seem to exist

Pacman comes to life virtually

Is Bush a Sith Lord?

the scare words are enough to put *me* off beef anyhow

aminorex: as if i wasn't already. i do NOT want vCJD, TYVM.
simmo: "This is what 120,000 cattle look like from space." cowse.cx
simmo: feedlot
b0at: mmm beeeeeef

cat > lap

Apple switching to Sun Chips

Tonus: mmmm... sun chips

Hula Server scales up to 200,000 registered mail users on a single server with 50,000 users simultaneously accessing the system

simmo: was novell NetMail
simmo: now open sourced
simmo: project insemination blog
simmo: "I looked for weeks to find a project implementing an open source version of GMail. I even posted to Google answers in my search. It doesn't exist. Well, today we're starting one, and we're inviting the world's crack JavaScript/DHTML hackers to help us."
simmo: he means cracked-up

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