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welcome to sunny bayesia :)

SSRI's increase LSD flashbacks

Various CIA experiments with acid

simmo: monkeys given massive doses of LSD
simmo: LSD may not cause DNA damage as was thought in 1970
simmo: more recent paper
simmo: but don't take it while pregnant

Discovery of LSD according to Hoffman

Hurd livecd

b0at: "[Note: This LiveCD does not work with USB devices, PCMCIA cards or sound cards]"

Drag-n-drop catch Mr President

Building a house on sand: Red shift is not distance.

simmo: wha..?
simmo: "October 3, 2003: the big bang was proved wrong. Again."
simmo: "If astronomy were a science, this paper would mean the end of the big bang." oooh :D
simmo: see also Evidence that an Intrinsic Redshift Component that is a Harmonic of z = 0.062 May be Present in Every Quasar Redshift

The big bang is a dud

Global climate change, in pictures

aminorex: They should have included some western antarctic satellite shots
aminorex: Kilimanjaro, and the artic, greenland hot spots would also have been nicely sensational
aminorex: or the kunlun shan and himalayan glacier retreats
aminorex: not to mention the andes (oops, just did)
simmo: today midwinter in melbourne, and i can walk barefoot in the park without a jumper. but then, this is melbourne. tomorrow i may freeze.

Pentagon report predicts widespread warfare as a result of climate change within 20 years.

aminorex: "Disruption and conflict will be endemic...once again, warfare would define human life."
simmo: <Pentagon> You need to pay us more.
simmo: <Pentagon>OR PLANT MORE TREES.
simmo: <Pentagon> GIMME 40 SOLDIER.

*"The phenomenon apparently results from pressure waves set up in brain tissue, some of which activate the sound receptors of the inner ear via bone conduction, while others directly stimulate nerve cells in the auditory pathways."*

simmo: via microwave induction
simmo: what?
b0at: The "An Audio Spotlight Creates a Personal Wall of Sound" article isn't too new or strange and has little to do with the bizarre microwave effect described before it
simmo: perhaps solution: infinitely deformable topology RF deflector
simmo: where do we download?!
simmo: this experiment sucks quite a bit. they should have simultaneouly recorded ambient noise away from the target's head, at the very least. the technique leaves a lot to be desired. where is the double-blinding?
simmo: pity.
simmo: once someone has been conditioned to recognise and respond to sounds, presumably they can be modified far from the original speech (if there ever was any) .. the subjects may have been trained in a pavlovian fashion
simmo: theoretically. or they may just be mad
simmo: some defense tips from people who've encountered the Seventh Day Adventist movement
simmo: Be careful not to confuse Milton Erickson's Ericksonian Hypnosis with Milton Keynes or John Maynard Keynes' Keynesian Economics
simmo: betcha could do a ton of this with one of these

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