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fiber to the geeks

Flash Animation. Funny.

more from the ramping up to bomb Iran dept: Intelligence Sees Terrorists in Iran

coderman: "U.S. intelligence and foreign allies have growing evidence that wanted terrorists have been residing in Iran despite repeated American warnings to Tehran not to harbor them."

Trust spray

Britney Spears: Pregnant Sex is 'Crazy Good'

Ash: Salon says pregnant sex is awesome
MutinyWork: Not so awesome for the pre-born getting poked in the head and sloppy seconds.

400 mW, -98 dBm RX sensitivity Atheros-based 802.11b/g Mini-PCI card.

seti: Paging coderman


Proof positive that people write about personal stuff way too easy on teh intarweb

simmo: How are we feeling today? better?
simmo: see also both stolen shamelessly from http://www.warcrimes.org.uk/captain/murder_inc/HAARP.html which is a little garish
simmo: everyone, say three times loud, "Semtex"
seti: (link courtesy of somebody going by the name Marty... oh the irony.)

Pentagon jet model identified as most probably A-3 Skywarrior twin-turbojet

simmo: anyone chumped this yet?


simmo: "The Doomsday Clock was last moved on February 27, 2002 and currently stands at seven minutes to midnight."
simmo: not the two minutes to midnight as incorrectly claimed in the now famous Iron Maiden song

The Biggest Deception of All? Does Iran Already Have Nuclear Weapons?

coderman: looks like they are ramping up the PUBLIC PROPAGANDA RELATIONS ENGINE.
coderman: see also yesterday report in isreal about "Iran has successfully tested a solid fuel motor for its medium-range Shihab-3 ballistic missile, a technological breakthrough in Iran's military industries"
coderman: they are gunning for this hard in the last few days
simmo: we may have thousands of intercontinental nuclear weapons. you must not have a missile that can cross your own border, even if it is armed with cow dung.
simmo: from IsraelNationalNews
simmo: "All of the Middle East and most importantly Israel is under the Iranian nuclear threat." All the world lives under the nuclear threat of USA, and yet life goes on. Why is Iran different?
simmo: geertz + geostrategy + iran = two articles including the present one and the second article is by Clifford Geertz
simmo: Bill Geertz Geostrategy is the only source for the "information" presented in this article <cough>, supposedly from a Washington Times story that also is not online
simmo: similar record on the subject of Iraq
simmo: That is one mighty big deception.

5 days left before war with Iran

coderman: "The reason Mossad has been killing off the microbiologist scientists could be that they are planning a false flag operation to wage a biological attack on the United States after Iran is attacked (most likely by Israel initially)."
coderman: "They don?t want anyone around that would be smart enough to see through their plan and trace the strains back to Israel. They did the same thing after Mossad attacked the WTC on 9/11 when the zionist Dr. Philip Zack sent Anthrax letters. This would increase hatred of Iran and justify the upcoming draft and all out war to increase Israel?s borders."
coderman: oh man, if this goes down it's time to FADE TO BLACK MOTHERFUCKERS
coderman: and by that i mean drink a lot of vodka.
simmo: see story on DIY water filter

Parents telling military recruiters to fuck off

coderman: also known as "the backlash before the draft"
simmo: see alsocoldfury/reason

automated linux kernel regression test matrix

Budget for all federal funds -- includes social security which is self-funding through investment, but omits unbedgeted expenses including (some?) Afghan and Iraq war costs

simmo: Hmm defense R&D looks bigger than non-defense R&D
simmo: non-defense discretionary includes homeland security, military construction, and something called foreign ops
simmo: 2005 budget

Where US Federal taxes are spent: 50% on defense

simmo: then there's state paramilitary like prisons, police, security guards
simmo: do you ever see this quoted in 'mainstream' media?
aminorex: Remember the scare quotes: "defense".
aminorex: It's a code word meaning "offense" (murderous, aggressive, illegal war) in newspeak.
aminorex: The kind of thing that got Jodl and Streicher hung by the neck, at Nuremburg.
simmo: who would own up to "offense" (murderous, aggressive, illegal war) ? certainly not Mussalini
b0at: A says X. B denies X. X MUST BE TRUE!!!1
simmo: MUST BE. WE SAiD IT.
simmo: didn't we? wasn't it me? or was it you, b0at? maybe i didn't say it. wtf?
b0at: Next lesson: scatter -> confusion -> profit
simmo: don't forget defense sap on civilian resources like hospitals. veterens are expensive to look after
simmo: and all that wasted education, wasted on future mince meat
simmo: wasted food, fed to future mince meat
simmo: ok, not all military personel are going to die .. they're not all mince meat .. but most of them are wasteful. noone needs that much army.
simmo: "defense" does not include homeland security spending
simmo: 2004 budget

Lancet articles on Iraq deaths


simmo: ever see this figure on the nightly news? why not?

Censorship alive and well and living in Western Democracy

simmo: all you need is $$$

The professional mass media that is 0wned by the corporate elite is not there to provide you answers. They exist to pose questions. But not just any questions. Unanswerable, meaningless questions that you will ponder and debate, taking you away from questions you could actually get a grip on.

simmo: for evidence, see most high-profile 'trial-by-media' cases that go on for months
simmo: 'media circus'
b0at: And who listens to the "professional mass media"? Why? Where does the problem come from?


simmo: brilliant reply from DoD: "all responsible authorities concur that terrorists hijacked AA Flight 77 and flew the aircraft into the Pentagon"
simmo: "responsible" .. for the attack?


(French) CBC unedited footage of 911 NYC plane attack or something

simmo: english translation from systrans/babelfish
simmo: if you want to call it that .. can't believe the french-english translator can't cope with accented e character
simmo: literally, i can't believe that. it's gotta be deliberate.
simmo: better translation courtesy google
simmo: turns => towers
simmo: obviously if you copy and paste the printed urls in the document, you bypass the translation that is hidden in the code, and get the original english versions
simmo: http://www.prisonplanet.tv/audio/SecondaryDevices.mp3
simmo: presumably if this was a conpiracy and the weather was crucial, they'd just engineer the weather using haarp
simmo: these photo analysese are piss-poor ... the highlights could be reflected from some bright source, eg a highly reflective building. but at least one does look suspiciously bumpy to me
simmo: answered here "contour-detection digital analysis of the stills, carried out at the Escola Universitąria Politčcnica de Mataró, concludes that the 'objects discerned cannot be due to shadows caused by the angle of incidence of the sun upon the plane as they always appear as the same shape and size, although their luminosity varies.'"

Make your own water filter using dirt, cast-out coffee grounds and dung

simmo: ok, cast-out coffee grounds may be hard to find on the serenghetti .. you could use something 'like' coffee grounds instead
simmo: and matches .. you'll need matches .. or a flamage source
simmo: and you need a container and some water
simmo: and hands
simmo: filter does remove up to 99.8 percent of bacteria in water
simmo: "get his water filter recipe out to communities who can use it..."
b0at: " In the hour it takes to filter one litre of water, the coffee-clay filter does remove up to 99.8 percent of bacteria in water."
simmo: step-by-step pdf
simmo: this means you can filter 24 litres per day per filter :)
b0at: If you could fire the pot, you might as well boil the water in it.
simmo: but you can reuse the fired filter .. you can't reuse the fire
simmo: you can also transport the filter to somewhere with no dung
simmo: if you read the article, you'll find it's been developed for places where fire fuel is scarce
simmo: a site on drinking water security
simmo: in fact another page says two hours to filter a liter ..
simmo: I bet this could be combined with 'activated charcoal' (burnt wood?) to filter some other smaller stuff

protecting straight rights

coderman: "We live in a time when privacy is under attack, and sexual privacy is a prime target ... The list of offenses is long and growing: Politicians use billions of taxpayer dollars to withhold vital sexual-health information from teens;"
coderman: "the FDA keeps emergency contraception under lock and key; and lawmakers sanction pharmacies' refusal to fill birth-control prescriptions. It is time to pull out all the stops and push back."
coderman: i thought we established that the average american will trade privacy for $5.70. or a krispy kreme donut.
b0at: Krispy Kreme sucks. Shipley's is where it's at.
b0at: And you better make that a dozen, bitch.
simmo: wow what a hardliner

Introducing Torcasting

Ash: stabcasting

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