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fiber to the geeks



Officer McNevin Gettin Jiggy with the Tizzy

cryptomail: non compliance, followed by whining

for seti, you freedom hating bastard

coderman: what cracks me the hell up is these monsters still support VGA mode. hehehehe..
seti: and 720x400

IBM's New 22 inch 9.2M Pixel QUXGA Wide TFT LCD

seti: oh yeah baby give me those JavaScript-mangled URLs ending in #
coderman: a lot fucking more than $561.75... :)

Classify the Mullet Please

cryptomail: "Fallling Down Mullet"
cryptomail: "Strung Out Mullet"

DNA therapy == get enough folate + B12

simmo: folate sources
simmo: B12 sources are about the same set of foods
simmo: == liver
simmo: and if you don't live in finland, you may prefer these lists from US folate B12
simmo: the branded cereals have a lot because they're fortified
simmo: artificially

In what way will hoping that porn websites voluntarily migrate from a $7.95/year domain to a $60/year domain make the Intarweb safer for kids?

coderman: because it will allow the justice department to prosecute a bunch of them (because they aren't going to pay $60 each for those hundreds of domains, are you fucking crazy?) and then shut them down, and then less pr0n on the intarweb! see, it's so logical.
simmo: sooo ... making an entire tld for pron is gonna reduce the amount of porn on the net ... who votes for these people?

Get back to work you damn slackers

simmo: We will not ON STRIKE
simmo: this tool could be dangerous in the wrong hands ...

The Most Powerful Labor Union in the World: Linux? - also called "children running around with nuclear bombs"

coderman: "Without strong leadership any organization with this much power can easily find itself with an image more similar to that of organized crime than one of organized labor (and, recall, the two have, historically, often appeared as interchangeable)."
coderman: "While this union forms it probably would be very wise to make sure the leadership is mature and benevolent because the one thing we don't need is another powerful criminal despot."
coderman: VOTE CODERMANG as supreme emperor of open source!!! i promise to relinquish my executive powers once the sith programmers at microsoft are defeated.
simmo: what we don't need is another bill gates <ducks>
simmo: aka "Network Solutions® Offers Robust Hosting Solutions"
coderman: it kinda pisses me off that he insinuates attacks against critical infrastructure by linux zealots. does he want open source to be labeled a terrorist threat?
simmo: Berkely Standard Union vs the all-powerful Linux/GNUnion
simmo: coder - how else are we to gain world domination except through acts of TERRORRISM?
simmo: or, in answer to your query, yes.
coderman: you bastard
simmo: we have enough trouble getting linux accepted without being accused of being union :\
simmo: of course if the aim is the end of work as we know it, maybe that's not a bad thing
simmo: "At no time in history has a technology firm been as thoroughly attacked as SCO has been since their litigation with IBM" I think this is proof that we don't need no stinking union!
simmo: employers already don't trust us because we're criminal pirate pedophile terrorist subversives .. we don't wanna add 'unioin' to that
simmo: this guy is a troll.
simmo: /me hides
simmo: what we DO in fact need is not an 'open source union' but an 'IT Union'.
simmo: " Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Latest News about Microsoft, with all of its resources, seems powerless against the massive engine represented by Linux" Oh yeah? Then why is it still breathing?
simmo: One word, five letters .. T R O L L
simmo: so many holes in this guy's logic i'm gonna reuse the article as a sieve
simmo: don't forget to read the comments

The Stalker II radar gun

coderman: time to upgrade those radar detectors. be sure they claim to support detection of "ultra wideband Ka radar"
coderman: passport 8500 == sex


Joy Of Tech: IRC couple's first date.

simmo: has jillzilla been away cause she's busy posing for a cartoonist?

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