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Every time Scott McClellan lies, God kills an ASCII kitten.

POVCOMP 2004, 2nd place


The end of 'my' is nigh

Tonus: "Those folders on your Windows desktop will still be yours -- but in the future you'll need to figure that out on your own."
Tonus: OMG!!11 I have serious trouble handling this change. Somebody get me my counselor.
Tonus: no more my

Your p2p networks are FUELING TERRORISM!!

coderman: "Another person he could share this evidence with would be Eric Smith who also made the connection to terrorism: "Because piracy is so lucrative and in many of these countries enforcement is weak or governments are not strong enough to combat these syndicates effectively, they have taken over the business of piracy, as but another part of their illegal activities including the financing of terrorism."
Ash: mmm terrorists

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