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rik: RAID, explained with Water Coolers.

Neat Patents.

Nokia vs GPL "yeah so you can use our patents, but only in Linux"

simmo: dig for intelligent posts .. I've already given you some clues
simmo: s/intelligent/semi intelligent/ .. are nokia patents used (yet) in linux even in the product they are distributing?

The No-Contact jacket for women.

rik: Shocks (literally) you into letting go.
rik: See the videos linked on the front page (needs quicktime)
simmo: one 9V alkaline battery
simmo: not puncture or bullet proof

A Tracking Solar Concentrator

simmo: five or six hundred (1980) dollars
b0at: "Every part in the electronic tracking system except the limit switchs is available at the nearly 8000 Radio Shack Stores around the USA. The parts can easily be assembled by the average hobbyist"
simmo: SAFETY WARNING: Working with solar concentrators is VERY DANGEROUS.
simmo: Read: FUN


simmo: another idea
simmo: what's important for a heat engine is not the temperature, but the temperature difference
simmo: would be interesting to see the environmental impact statement

French judges 'not so bad', says fileswapper

<aminorex> Pashing their life out, with a brute's intents.

simmo: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Main_Page may be helpful
simmo: cf Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
simmo: interesting that Browning used plash
simmo: "a convenience and a folly"


simmo: lengths of periods of solitary confinement for immigration detainees in Australia (people who have no presumption of innocence or right to access a lawyer)
simmo: alleged vs departmental claim
simmo: highest == 264 days .. 9 mnths
simmo: <DIMIA>so don't overstay your visa


simmo: You're jewish?!
simmo: looking for http://AlQaedafriendfinder.com

D Complex Types and C++ std::complex

coderman: surprise, c++ sucks!

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