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China blackout on avian influenza human cases

aminorex: Remember SARS? You can't teach an old commie dog new tricks.

Reasons to think that the sun is not "powered by fusion"

No giant pink teapot left behind, in malaysia.

Jolie Says No Affair with Pitt, Only with 'Maintenance Men'

coderman: apparently being a 'maintenance man' means you meet her at some random 4-5 star hotel, undress as she unpacks a wide assortment of leather bondage gear, sex toys, and fucked up freaky couger sex talk
coderman: damn, what a hot sexy COMPLETE FREAK

Knives are bad

dopp: "Kitchen knives can inflict appalling wounds" NO SHIT
dopp: My lawn mower can inflict appalling wounds, too.
coderman: potato gun + potato filled with bolts + oxyacetlyene charged == appalling wounds
aminorex: "researchers say legislation to ban the sale of long pointed knives would be a key step in the fight against violent crime"
aminorex: Step two being a ban on short, rounded things
seti: do not underestimate the power of a BOOT TO THE HEAD!

Your failed business model is not my problem.

seti: plus creative commons winged coyleft logo
seti: <coderman> 'yeah, i just fucked your world view under the table. got a problem?'
seti: Ash grey t-shirt... extra stabbings included in delivery costs.
seti: otherwise ugly design. yellow on completely red t-shirt would be much better


message to codermang: I am not chump janitor.

Haskell for C Programmers

"He had almost stopped being human. He was a...creature" been there, done that.

aminorex: Q: Why do you doubt the drugs? A: They are toxic and dangerous. Q: Which ones? A: All of them.

20 years for weed in indonesia! sucks to be a mule i guess

Ash: mmm weed
coderman: what that indonese for "only judges can get stoned stupid; now watch us decree with impunity! mwahaha"
cryptomail: nope, it's fuck you indonesia, fucking pigs. Eat shit and die.
cryptomail: this is what you said: <coderorang> Cuman wakil hukum bisa rokok gelek, goblok! Lihat kita, yang ter kuat sekarang. Hukum itu, punya kita. wmuahahahah


burtonator: Whats the big deal? You're blind and have an erection.. just means you have more hot chicks you can nail!

Silly, silly, silly.

Was the 'Sith' leak deliberate?

Database locking in PHP. or not. and PEAR isnt helping.

Best Star Wars transcript ever

coderman: "PALPATINE: So the Jedi Council asked you to spy on me, huh?"
coderman: "ANAKIN: Oh my God, you can read minds?!... I mean, why would you say that?"'
coderman: "PALPATINE: Might I add, the Dark Side can save lives. Like, as a random example, the life of any secret wives you might happen to have lying about. For instance."
coderman: "ANAKIN: That's interesting."
coderman: "MAYA: I want the Emperor to win. I know he's pure evil, but at least he doesn't abuse the English language."
seti: excellent indeed.

Yet another 200 million year old shoe print fossil

simmo: Yes, these shoe prints could not possibly be carvings, since carving was unknown 200 million years ago

Chinese still leaders in torture

simmo: "locking a naked person into a small iron cage with spikes on all sides. The cage is then lowered into filthy water up to the victim?s chest or neck in a completely dark room. The victim may be locked in the cage for days or even weeks, and urine and feces are excreted into the water."
aminorex: I think they fell waaaaayyyy behind the USUK axis some time in 2003

"The enemy aggressor is always pursuing a course of larceny, murder, rapine and barbarism. We are always moving forward with high mission, a destiny imposed by the Deity to regenerate our victims while incidentally capturing their markets, to civilise savage and senile and paranoid peoples while blundering accidentally into their oil wells." -- John Flynn, 1944


simmo: defies description

Monkeys are Hindu

aminorex: Lemurs are Catholic
aminorex: Orangs are Yezidis

VIA EPIA-M10000 board "just works" with FreeBSD 4.8

simmo: and so on
simmo: the alternative:

United States of NOOOOOOOOOO!.mp3

Improperly plastinated bodies cause outcry over exhibit at SF Masonic Center

aminorex: " moisture beading up across faces, dripping inside chest cavities, and pooling beneath feet...It's silicone from the plastination process and liquefied human fat"
Ash: mmmm human fat
aminorex: "Like he's talking to me, I was what you are now, and you can become what I am, a plastinate"
simmo: <Gunther von Hagens> ... so, so high, you know
simmo: cf Damien Hirst
simmo: famous for his cow
simmo: fish in my melamine


Bilderberg/HunterS.Thompson/FranklinCoverup/Reagan-BushPedophila iceberg tip shows in local Iowa paper

aminorex: Or should I call it the Gannon/Guckert/Gosch-TonyBlairMANDATE iceberg?

US terror 'creating a new generation of the disappeared'

Mutant children are best

simmo: aka 'evolution', better known as 'survival of the fittest'. the dumb, slow kids living in the zone must have died first

"ok this is what happening,"

simmo: guy burnt his virginity
simmo: along with his IQ certificate

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