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< uid0> also you all suck || don't forget your ctcp hole

Most Americans Not Paying Attention to Debate

coderman: this explains a lot about our current situation. oh wait, did you say something? i was busy playing on my PSP while torrenting all six star wars episodes.
coderman: "Thirty-eight percent in the latest sample said they were Republicans, about seven points higher than the average in polls conducted this year by the two news organizations. The proportion of Democrats also was significantly below the yearlong average. ... The reasons for the large number of Republicans in the latest sample were not clear."

The XEmacs Window Manager

Ash: appropriately, chump gave me label X: for this
coderman: chump knows all
coderman: note the treas.gov host domain
coderman: oh wait, that's just my dns. what the hell?

Next Wave: Tiger's Real Secret Weapon - To Rock the Market

Ash: timecube for mac

Better-Than-Nothing Security (btns)

coderman: "There is significant interest in providing anonymous (unauthenticated) keying for IPsec to create security associations (SAs) with peers who do not possess authentication credentials that can be validated."
coderman: just dont shit all over my TCP setup time and i'll be happy
seti: The Return of Opportunistic Encryption

Next for BitTorrent: Search

coderman: "The ranked search results will be accompanied by sponsored links provided through a partnership with Oakland, California, company Ask Jeeves, says Ashwin Navin, BitTorrent's chief operating officer."
coderman: "But, of course, that's not all BitTorrent enables. At a reporter's request, Navin ran "The Interpreter" through the search engine, and the top result was an illicit copy of the Nicole Kidman film -- still in theaters -- offered on The Pirate Bay, a torrent aggregator in Sweden known for making pirated movies, music and software freely available in open defiance of publishers."
coderman: so the courts are going to be discussing a specific question shortly i bet
coderman: the question of, is it vicarious / contributory infringement to maintain and index of sites than index illegal content
coderman: <Ash> del.icio.us/tag/bittorrent
coderman: the answer is likely no, but they are going to want to ask the question (in an expensive legal manner) anway
coderman: FULLY DECENTRALIZED FLAT SEARCH WILL RISE AGAIN! (hehehe. oh wait, was that sarcasm again?)
coderman: ""This creates something that BitTorrent has until now lacked, which is a centralized node to target," Lemley says. "One of the differences between BitTorrent and Kazaa has been that there's a central Kazaa company.... There hasn't been a similar centralized service or site associated with BitTorrent, and now there is." - [que ominous soundtrack]

Researchers Pinpoint Brain's Sarcasm Sensor

coderman: "No, it's true -- many of you don't go a day without dishing out several doses of sarcasm. But some brain-damaged people can't comprehend sarcasm" -- it's official. conservative republicans are brain damaged! hahaha. just kidding. i was being sarcastic.
dopp: sweet, now I can have that Sarcasmectomy I've always wanted.


seti: ``Ed Moses talks of the "grand challenge" that has consumed him for the past five years, comparing it to trying to hit the strike zone with a baseball from 350 miles (563 kilometers) away or tossing a dime into a parking meter from 40 miles (64 kilometers) away.''


^matthew: Attack helicopters swoop down over the trees in search of tribal fighters. And peacekeepers are surrounding villages in militia strongholds and searching hut by hut for guns.

Apple explores use of Intel chips -report

seti: hope not - PPC rocks the socks off IA64


seti: buy the bumper sticker here

June 2004: Novell buys SuSE


^matthew: There are 700 cops in the city. The homicide unit has 10 officers, burglary has 11, robbery 13 and sex crimes 22. And internal affairs? Twenty-three full-time investigators and brass.
^matthew: By comparison, San Francisco, with nearly triple the number of cops -- 2,152 -- has an internal affairs unit of only eight officers.


^matthew: Scores of convicted rapists and other high-risk sex offenders in New York have been getting Viagra paid by Medicaid for the last five years, the state's comptroller said Sunday.

Smartest Guys Well Outside of Hollywood

seti: "Theatrical releases, which account for about $9 billion in revenue, have become expensive trailers for the real deal, a $24 billion after-market for home video and DVD's."

SHA1 broken (february)

The quest for the most diminutive munitions program


simmo: is there a better htmlArea than htmlArea?
geebus: The counsel has reached a verdict. There is not.
simmo: htmlArea

SHA in 8 lines of perl5

simmo: OK, realistically, how many bits of SHA are needed to have unique HTML documents? let's say no HTML page is over 256k ...
simmo: is there already an implementation of something i can use for this?
simmo: or is the accepted (and expensive) solution to generate 160bits then chop off the trailing 30-odd characters?
fridge: huh?
simmo: my question is basically unrelated to the url
simmo: heh he did rsa in 3 lineshttp://www.cypherspace.org/adam/rsa/
simmo: but only americans can view it
simmo: oh not he .. someone
simmo: and 2 lines
simmo: http://search.cpan.org/~gaas/Digest-1.10/Digest.pm some ideas

Power5 - now that's a cpu!

coderman: "eight real CPUs or 16 logical CPUs using SMT, four L3 cache chips, each at 36MB, for a total of 144MB cache, Two of these 95x95cm MCMs can be tightly coupled into a "book"
simmo: October 2003
simmo: What kinda fan does that take?

OH NOE, who killed the fillibooster

simmo: hang on .. "conservative" "revolution" is an oxymoron

Following The Trail Of Illegal 'Star Wars' Downloads

coderman: ""I would suggest that the overwhelming majority of people who download 'Star Wars' illegally are serious fans and will pay for it in all of its forms," Garland said. "What's really driving this is not to get something for free, but an insatiable appetite. They just can't get enough of 'Star Wars.'
simmo: yeah. right. we'd pay for that.
simmo: we just can't get enough.

Dave Winer is homeless

burtonator: In a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!
simmo: OK. Dave bought a car. Bring on the revolution.

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