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Nikita's Graduation Party tonite || FEATURING: THE INTERNET || <coderman> that can mean only two things. a family member with severe psychotic schitzophrenia, or a teenage punk wacked out on LCD

<Ash> somebody give me an SGI Tezro

An analysis of Eurovision Songfestival voting behaviour

seti: Dutch original
seti: Conclusion: it's all crooked
seti: the big surprise would be if countries started to vote for other countries that hadn't made the finals...

Swarming killer linux robots

coderman: er, this isn't a laughing matter. im sorry. .. hehehehe
coderman: ad-hoc wireless routing is a fun problem. for something controlling a physical device you would want to use lots of key predistribution to enable secure (non MITM vulnerable) communications between nodes
seti: because we all know that just because bluetooth is low-power doesn't mean it's bound to any significant distance limitations
coderman: i should finish my 1W bluetooth vagi of doom

Now playing in iPod Theatre

seti: 31:05 Subfocus - X Ray kaboom

LOUDER IS BETTER - a tragedy in five parts from the RIAA and other music labels

coderman: "Oh, and when you write them, WRITE IN ALL CAPS."

anolog direct to disc vinyl forevar you knappy bitches!

Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro - 15" Dual 2 ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer / extreme excursion with a 5000 watt coil

coderman: see also the user manual
coderman: 2500W RMS power, 5000W peak, 36-200 Hz response, 40mm excursion
^matthew: This speaker will make women want you.
coderman: the JL Audio W7 series is also really good. it's a good time to be an SPL junkie
coderman: they are also the only company to make a mobile audio 13" sub. most stick to 12"s and 15"s (no 13)

Best Mirror site EVER.


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