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Hack The Planet! Hand-held game, from Bandai!

seti: note stupid somethingawful referrer check


poison oak

coderman: got a bunch of this by the front gate; i figure its a good way to keep most people from coming in uninvited. heheh

world's most expensive consumer modem

cryptomail: $13929.14 || 456.88 mo
fridge: If you buy that, I have a bridge you may also be interested in buying...
Zerodhero: I called the company, they are now "looking into the price problem"

Streaming Star Trek makes me feel like I'm in the future.


seti: how does that URL look in the Location bar of your browser of choice?

Handicapped toilet stolen

Usable Security: Every system has an end luser

Ash: coderman stop posting things that are stale
coderman: "Zaptastic Author Misses the Point - Viruses are dangerous when they enter your body because they have complete physical access to your body. There is no reason for software viruses to have such access... You don?t have to solve the halting problem to use software safely. The solution is to LIMIT AUTHORITY.
coderman: ["The Armed Butler - Read a typical news article about computer security and you will see words like ?attack? and ?defend.? People speak of software being ?strengthened? or ?hardened? as though it were some kind of physical substance... Programs cannot directly damage anything; all they can do is make requests of the operating system. Why is the butler following instructions from a stranger?|http://usablesecurity.com/200
b0at: The butler crashed your browser with the fondue fork in the mirrored bedroom.
coderman: this is where i mention my love for xen hypervisor virtualization. and cheap gigs of ram. and hyperthreading SMP servers...


^matthew: see also
seti: that first pic is so wrong
coderman: so wrong? darth vader is hot as a chick
seti: so wrong.

Revenge of the Sith leaked online

coderman: ok, who didn't see this coming? anyone? anyone at all? good.

Buy Citgo

CSI leans on Tarantino for season finale

coderman: i like this show. now i like it even more.

Darth W. Bush (from a site called BlueOregon, bwahaha)

coderman: google news finds some odd shit
coderman: the comments crack me up though. backwards ass state for having no sales tax? fuck you buddy

ok you fucks, distributed != decentralized. for the last time.

coderman: "Distributed Identity: Yadis. In a nutshell: Your FOAF file points to your chosen identity server. Your identity server is responsible for telling the rest of the world if you're you or not, and digitally signing a receipt saying that you said so."


Zerodhero: 100GB Blu-ray disc
Zerodhero: Getting discs up to 100GB and beyond - 200GB appears to be the limit - was always part of the Blu-ray plan.
^matthew: Which will cost more - a blu-ray re-writable media blank, or a 100G sata drive?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (gasp) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Ash: How to find a man in ohio and leave him there
cryptomail: someone's trollin for dates in OH

BitTorrent finally goes trackerless, with the Kamdelia DHT.

fridge: pirates around the world rejoice
MutinyWork: Did you hear that groaning and sickening squish? Yeah, that was the MPAA shitting itself.


fridge: Everybody loves Raymond

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