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.no means no

solution to the iranian nuclear crisis

coderman: option 1: take away isreal's nukes and prevent iran from making them
coderman: option 2: let isreal have their nukes, and let iran build theirs.
^matthew: One solution might be to take their word that they're completing a fuel cycle for civilian purposes, and not get our panties in a bunch until they start working on a bomb.
coderman: there, problem solved. now shut up you whiney fuckers.
seti: likely outcome: anger the iranian conservative leaders some more, wait until they actively threaten somebody, then nuke them.
coderman: i thought the pre-emptive isreali stike on nuclear facilities in iran was the likely outcome...
MutinyWork: Send Mutiny to Iran with enough weed, acid, porno mags, and rials to bring about the second iranian cultural revolution through the country's 70% under 35 population by kick starting their drug and sexual revolutions.

Top 10 Reasons to use Coderman'

coderman: bah, i'm going back to bexd
Ash: you should


coderman: It may be Europe's most liberal city - but if you are gay, you had best beware
coderman: #infoanarchy has commissioned seti for some vigilante justice
coderman: he is to identify and placate prejudiced morrocan youths. while incapacitated he will then use a butter knife to sever both testis and penis from body. he will then cram both severed body parts down the throat of said insolent youth and take a photo. #infoanarchy will then distribute this photo to additional morrocan youth with the text "DON'T BE A SHITHEAD, SHITHEAD"
seti: as long as those are someone else's testicles I'm down with it
coderman: our 50 trillion qubit super computer has predicted a 847.45 % decline in such events. this is the optimal strategy, but we cannot rule out a local maxima
coderman: actually what i'm hinting at here is a more serious question. there are those who are animal like, in that reason and ethics are irrelevant to them; they act on dogma and impulse
coderman: the most effective means to counter such belief systems is a moses style eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth - this is nature in its raw form; amoral and combative.
coderman: and there are those who can reason and empathize; there is no use for violence to persuade. so, how do you aspire to a society which encourages and adheres to non violent, rational interactions
coderman: without becoming victim to those for whom rationality and ethics are alien

What is your worldview? quiz. post your results

^matthew: "Life has been a self-alienation of the divine and we're moving closer to realizing our true nature."
coderman: "<coderman> actually, i wish i could un chump that. this quiz sucks"
coderman: "<coderman> i keep wanting a "None of the above. quiz author retarded" option."
coderman: "^matthew> Yes sir it does and I ridicule you for chumping it." -- OH THE SHAME!!! (wrends garments and gnashes teeth)
coderman: You scored as Existentialist. - well, it got that almost right. i like to think of myself as a jaded nihilist. but whatever.
coderman: and the fact that ANYTHING AT ALL EXISTS in the first place really fucking tweaks me out. there should be nothing damnit. and even if there isn't nothing, it should at least be consistent with the laws of thermodynamics. where is all this entropy coming from??? arggggg, more drinking.
rik: coderman is a nilihist. he believes in NAAAHZINK LEBOWSKI!

A Japanese research team has developed a fuel cell that runs on glucose in blood

coderman: "oh shit, low on power. two mountain dew's, stat!"
coderman: diabetics would love this. unless they got an insulin reaction, then both human and laptop powerdown in hibernate mode. heheh

Dive Into Greasemunkey - by Mark Pilgrim, the guy who you thought fell off the earth but is really just keeping on the D/L

coderman: did i tell you AJAX + Greasemunkey == boner?

Parallel Virtual File System

More spampoetry: you blond me dispute me you magistrate me message me you covariant me israel me you cameramen me billow me you meretricious me stockton me you shiver me illusion me you serbia me carnage me



Ash: 28 courses of awesome
seti: I can't eat like this, I'll remain hungry throughout the evening. haute cuisine is not my way


Ash: meth meth meth

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