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< eeeeeee> let's get back to oral sex :: I've got getting brain on tha brain

In War on Terrorism, New Search Engine Seeks Hidden Vulnerabilities

coderman: this is essentially data mining techniques applied to infrastructure systems and technical documentation and databases available online. individually they are mundane, but pieced together properly they can provide a detailed map of infrastructure architecture and vulnerability
coderman: i'm pretty sure the the government mines weblogs from their various sites to identify suspicious activity patterns and interests (in infrastructure/emergency response/etc details)
coderman: but i can't prove it. or explain why i think they do. :P
seti: it's like doing a google query for phpbb 2.1!
coderman: " "UIR, on the other hand, is a composite query, not a keyword query. It is designed to find the best path, the best chain of associations between two or more ideas. It returns to you an evidence trail that says 'This is how these pieces are connected.'"
coderman: pattern and motif discovery algorithms from the bioinformatics gang come in handy for identifying technical terms, identifiers, and other information between documents and databases. these patterns can then be fed into UIR and novel chains of relation or inference generated
coderman: building interesting datum into graphs of various types can also tell you interesting things where high degree vertex/links arise
coderman: it should also be noted that while individual pieces of information are in the public domain (or under the new sensitive infrastructure / emergency response classification) the act of performing advanced analysis on this data and the resulting information produced can be highly classified.

this one's for you, seti

seti: awww sweet, thanks!
seti: speaking of grouphug, there's a ripoff in Dutch now
coderman: "if I could clone myself, I'd give him oral sex"
coderman: now that's my kind of narcissistic kink
coderman: just kidding... honest.
seti: Vergeef mij (forgive me) <--
seti: also there's very little discussion on grouphug.us... thankfully, I might add.

oh, you had a shitty day? here, feel better

coderman: beause believe me, you are not having as shitty a life as some of the people. hehehe.. fucking crazies.
kp: Honestly, giving a blowjob wasn't half as disgusting as I'd thought that it was going to be.
kp: I let my girlfriend eat food off my dick


Bolton giving swingers everywhere a bad name

seti: and giving people all over the fucking word a BAD BAD BAD mental image
Ash: SO two days ago

Time for full throttle

coderman: "It's an image that isn't easy to forget: As official Washington bugged out Wednesday in the face of a possible terrorist attack, President Bush was on a bike ride and wasn't told a thing."
coderman: ""The White House launched an investigation Thursday into the 47-minute delay in notifying President Bush about the intrusion of a single-engine aircraft into restricted airspace over the nation's capital that provoked emergency evacuations." .. "McClellan used the word "protocols" 34 times in about 25 minutes, insisting that they had been followed -- though he wouldn't say what they are."
coderman: "Q Scott, may I just maybe take a slight step back? Aside from the particulars of what happened yesterday and when, maybe the larger issue has to do with whether this President is sufficiently at the levers of power on his job during the day or night."
coderman: hey now, hiding the levers of power from bush doesn't strike me as a particularly bad thing. what is everyone complaining about?
seti: the protocols say to never put Dubya in a situation as embarrassing as the pet goat story fiasco on 9/11.

things i'd like to super size my IPSEC protocol stack with

coderman: large fry and diet coke. combined message authentication and encryption block cipher for ESP/AH equivalent transport.
coderman: perhaps GCM AES-256
coderman: some of those fried cheese stick things, and ephemeral diffie hellman with ECC/RSA/DSA signatures
coderman: and lots of temporal keying. and i do mean really promiscious, indulgant amounts of temporal keying...


coderman: Two hundred years ago today, Irma Chine of White Plains, New York, was performing her normal housekeeping routines. She was interrupted by British soldiers who, rallying to the call of their supervisor, General Hughes, sought to gain control of the voter registration lists kept in her home.
coderman: Masking her fear and thinking fast, Mrs. Chine quickly divided a nearby apple in two and deftly stored the list in its center. Upon entering, the British blatantly violated every conceivable convention, and, though they went through the house virtually bit by bit, their search was fruitless. They had to return empty handed.
coderman: Word of the incident propagated rapidly through the region. This historic event became the first documented use of core storage for the saving of registers.


don't Rush to Judgment

coderman: lets all start a fund to send free oxycotin to limbaugh; maybe another couple years and the fucker will OD himself...

Security vulnerability in Hyperthreading

Ash: eat that coderman
happy_broccoli: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/04/29/2156236
happy_broccoli: a specific Windows buffer overflow vulnerability ' depends on the rigid stack-order execution and limited page protection inherent in the x86 architecture.
happy_broccoli: create your own buffer overflow
happy_broccoli: http://collegebums.org/?p=15
coderman: i like multi-core, not hyperthreading! :P
coderman: "The flaw affects all operating systems, and for a secure multi-user environment essentially requires that Hyper-Threading be disabled." - someone just got fired for this...

Do you believe God belongs in government?

coderman: "do you believe President Bush is doing The Lord's Work? If so, then show your love for God & the USA!"

MPAA Targets Six BitTorrent TV Sites

coderman: breaking news, from 40 minutes ago
coderman: <happy_broccoli> wow 2000 people in #bt on efnet. the mpaa just shutdown the top 10 sites or so

Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) Frequencies

coderman: surprised they let this stay online. ;)

VX-7R Modifications Homepage

coderman: with a little elbow grease you get yourself an un-crippled radio with full tx AND rx in 0.5 - 999 MHz with 5W of power
coderman: please note that i am not encouraging such illegal modifications, nor should they be used to transmit in illegal frequency or at illegal power levels. because that would be bad. mhmmm.


^matthew_: These ratings are horribly inaccurate. We must all game the system to make the best burritos best. Which one is the best?



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