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The black woman from Salt Lake who wrote The Matrix and Terminator, but wasn't creditted.

b0at: 'Stewart calls herself a master writer and sites the success of "The Terminator" and "The Matrix" as evidence of her gift.'


aminorex: Tom Ridge casting a Satanist curse
b0at: He's just rocking ooooout

Digerati Vogues, Caught Midcraze

Lookin' for a cheap date? Try Wal-Mart

^matthew: But can you imagine explaining "I got my wife at Wal*Mart."


This is it - we're all going to dieeee! ^H^H^H GM, Ford Shares Tumble After Credit Blow

simmo: slumping SUV sales
simmo: *dances


simmo: I dunno what this is, but it's got 'Movies'
simmo: <_sj_> blogbus, chinese blog software site, implements technorati-style tags...


b0at: They dismiss all disadvantages of pay-as-you-go by saying that the crisis is sometime in the nebulous future of the decade-after-next and call it a market priming scam.
eeeeeee: ok..as long as they pick up the actuarial shorrtfalls in future decades :)
simmo: It's an upside-down pyramid ..
simmo: and the big eye is turned into a big arse
simmo: <Cheney> the stock market is much more secure than social security
simmo: <Cheney> In fact, I mean Halliburton. Buy Halliburton ..
simmo: <Beavis^H^H^HBush> Yeah .. hehheh Yeah buy Hallibrotun
simmo: $$$ == control. by investing your $$$ with random firm X, you give them some control that you would otherwise have had yourself. You decide.
simmo: "only today?s profits would remain private. The losses will have been fully socialized"

fun with kernel buffer caches

coderman: /proc/sys/vm/vfs_cache_pressure defaults to 100. if you set it to 50 it will keep more VFS datum in cache.
coderman: set it to 150 or higher and it will increase cache pressure and favor reads from disk instead
coderman: more virtual memory management info here
simmo: That rocks

CNN finally covers War Memo!!!!

burtonator: only 5 days too late
simmo: earlier coverage from Australia
simmo: the delay wouldn't be because they were in the middle of an election and the issue could have affected Blair's chance at re-election, right? ;)
simmo: more info
simmo: Ah .. found a CNN story from May 1
simmo: Blair Defiant, Blair admits, Papers reveal (in the Guardian), Times UK had a story as early as March 20
simmo: Read the letter courtesy Times UK
simmo: clarity: there's two memos
simmo: Ah .. the letter was from congress to ask Blair WTF?!
simmo: re the memo

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