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I for one think it's time church and state stopped living in sin, and got married.


coderman: "Data taken from a poll of students in December 2004 showed that only a dismal 11 percent had achieved sexual congress with a non-American." - why god, why????

coderman's favorite drinking game

coderman: there are two variations of this game. the common scheme and the hardcore
coderman: kill bill vol. 1 - everytime a body part is severed you take a drink.
coderman: common scheme you take a single shot at the start of the crazy88 fight scene, and don't take another until the showdown with lucy
coderman: hardcore and you get to see how far into the crazy88 you make it before throwing up or passing out.
coderman: i've yet to see someone finish the hardcore version. perhaps one of those vodka soaked comrades can do it...
coderman: one aspect of this game that keeps it interesting is determining what counts as severed. for example, a stabbing to the heart for a severed aorta counts, but a head bashing by a quadraplegic doesnt...


^matthew: PRIME MINISTER BALKENENDE: We'll give the press a minute to do other things, and we can go on with our discussion.
^matthew: "Media were then asked to leave, though the meeting, held in a window-lined room at a glorious chateau near Maastricht, went on for another half-hour."
^matthew: other writeup same story


coderman's conjecture: you'll know you built a secure and trustworthy darknet when digital community currencies begin to thrive within it.

Terror suspect was CIA informant

^matthew: So this dude is wanted in at least 3 central/south american countries for various terrorisms and assassinations, but
^matthew: " Carriles is currently in Miami having snuck into the United States via Mexico in March and is seeking political asylum."
^matthew: No political asylum for terrists pls. That would be hypocritical.
seti: New York Transfer news have been having field days with this guy for months

Why Hillary Clinton Won't Be President

^matthew: Joe Klein (who should know) makes the same points rational people have been making for at least 6 years.
seti: to hell with all this centrist bullshit, let the extreme right sink the country deeper into the hole, and let California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts secede from the Union


Anti Abortion Republican admits to sex with a mule

seti: <AlanColmes> You had sex with animals?
seti: <NealHorsley> Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.
seti: I wish I was making up but those are direct quotes.
b0at: Ugh, straw man field day in the comments section
seti: what strawman exactly? seems like they're attacking acts of the guy in question.

Proposition 215: Text of Proposed Law

BGP Multipath Load Sharing for Both eBGP and iBGP in an MPLS-VPN

seti: ugh 2547bis

Cisco - Best Path Selection Algorithm

things i wish coderman had told me before i wasted my life doing it all wrong

coderman: bad user interface == no security
coderman: passwords == no security
coderman: don't accept a ride home from Ash and then drink the bottled coca cola he offers conveniently from the dash and wake up three days later with an inflamed anal sphincter and dislocated jaw. cause i'll tell you i told you so. i'll do it man.
coderman: lots of virtual machines dedicated to distinct processing tasks is cool. so is using read only media to bootstrap those vm instances.
coderman: (moore's law says chips are going to grow outward (more cores and threads) rather than up (higher clock speed) so the hypervisor days of plenty will arrive soon enough!)

in praise of contextual libertarianism (first article)


Hand grenade found at Bush rally

Ash: damnit, can't you get things right?
Ash: how hard is it?!?!? argh

The Holographic Entropy Bound and Local Quantum Field Theory

coderman: can someone translate this to english?
MutinyWork: Here I'll try... Little tiny things vibrate and have magic!

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