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Birth of a black hole detected

seti: cool.

Google blackout linked to internet infrastructure

coderman_: linked to highly centralized (though decentrly federated) address resolution protocol
seti: Bullshit
seti: Google fucked up, New Scientist seem to be covering up for them
coderman_: please think of the shareholders. of course we are not responsible.
coderman_: hehehe
seti: Engineer miscommunicates status of migration project with another group. News at 11
Ash: oh crap the news is here
Ash: how are you doing this morning, seti?
seti: what a crud article, unbelievable
seti: burninates Ash
Ash: it's written by SCIENTISTS
Ash: don't question it!
seti: I've had to explain this too often already last night, STFU already
Ash: why are you explaining google anyway
seti: fuck it, just use alltheweb.com
coderman_: you see, someone logged into the web accelerator with the firefox client side pre-fetching enabled and it created a recursive resource contention within google fs that led to a 50 megawatt reactive power surge in southern california as 200,000 gfs nodes all hit disk simulatenously...
seti: grin not even that unlikely.
coderman_: " explained Larry Page as he took a hit from a two liter pop bottle bong resting on a fiber patch panel at the google world headquaters.
coderman_: as sergie burst into laughter larry used the moment to expound the virtues of the soon to be unveiled Google Overlord Directory. With GOD, no one needs to fear isolation in data purgatory; wnadering aimlessly through mountains of bits without context
coderman_: cory doctorow then performed the google sacrement by masturbating with a fleshlight in front of a 60 megapixel 40 fps digital imagaging sensor tied to his 20 terabyte gmail account
coderman_: and they all lived happily every after... the end

Alleged gay-bashing at Marin high school a hoax, police said

^matthew: "Tam High students "kept wondering how this could happen at their school, but unfortunately they were let down by one of their classmates," Ferguson said."
^matthew: So like, if it wasn't a plea for attention, if it was real gay bashing, then nobody would feel let down?
seti: I'd say an abuse of trust is a let-down.

NC Church Kicks non-Bush Supporters Out Of Congregation

So Much Drama in the PhD

coderman: "I'm PSPACE-complete but I'll reduce you to 3-SAT"
coderman: ("That's right, mark-and-sweep on these nuts, bitch.")

SyncMaster 403T 40-inch LCD Monitor

coderman: "SyncMaster 403T 40-inch LCD Monitor from Samsung offers excellent features in an ultra-thin bezel design. Featuring a high 600:1 contrast ratio, 450 cd/mē brightness, and resolutions up to 1280x768 pixels"


coderman: (sorry, i'm going to have to say that at least once a day for the next month.)

Three way merge considered harmful

[Revctrl] The new Codeville merge algorithm


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