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< ^matthew> moof is today's Word of the Day


Bill Gates is on a mission to build a Google killer. What got him so riled?

coderman: "<billg> i am so competitive and domineering and egotistical that any successful innovation by a wildly popular company doing cool things is a PERSONAL ATTACK on my ego, my sense of worth and goddamnit, this injustice will not stand!"
coderman: i may have paraphrased that a little.

MSN is "worst search engine"

coderman: "yea.... this search engine is the biggest piece.... i type in "crazy weight lifters" - it gives me a fucking bird watching site... yea then i typed in the actual search engine that "msn is the worst search engine" and this poopped up so i thought i would contribute" - LOL

Lobotomy is one way to insure "Intelligence Failure"


b0at: despite existing anti-obsenity laws
coderman: He complained of cheerleaders "shaking their behinds, breaking it down," but the proposal does not define what constitutes suggestive cheering.
coderman: lol. NO BREAKING IT DOWN

Louie Louie BANNED

Airbus A380 production

MutinyWork: Holy crap look at the fuselage on that baby.
MutinyWork: The class stratification this embodies reminds me of the Titanic.



Ash: moof
aminorex: "Empty the white people". Would anyone say that?
aminorex: Yeah, I would.
Ash: moof

Rik vote for me.

Ash: moof


^matthew: moo
Ash: f
^matthew: m00f!
^matthew: mj00
^matthew: mu
Ash: 00f
Ash: uid0
Ash: hi
Ash: how are you doing
uid0: i am fine
Ash: that's great
Ash: rik, vote for tories
Ash: they are awesome

Wal-Mart attracts whitetrash

Ash: moof

Computer generated artistic-style stippling methods examined

Ash: moof

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