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Heavy Trash installs "viewing platforms" that allow users to view inside gated communities.

Mutiny_: I also like how they propose very well though out solutions or alternatives to gating communities such as:
Mutiny_: "More eyes on the street." Amend zoning code to encourage more mixed-use residential neighborhoods with 24-hour activity. Legalize second units ("Granny Flats") in single-family homes. Both of these actions would put more people outside during the normal course of a day, and nothing works quite as well to make neighborhoods safer, friendlier and livelier.

Opera CEO Fails to Swim from Norway to US After Raft Accident

coderman: "He had only been swimming for an hour or so when the raft suddenly punctured in open sea. I owe my life to Jon, and I can only hope that he doesn't fire me for ruining his dream of swimming to America. THIS TOTALLY UNPLANNED AND UNEXPECTED RUINING>"

(ElReg) Dutch plans for iPod tax could kill MP3 industry

seti: don't organisations that are better at lobbying than you suck?

Snails are faster than ADSL

Tonus: System architecture of SNAP SNAil-based data transfer Protocol

# iptables -A OUTPUT -m owner --cmd-owner acroread -j DROP

seti: No more phone home for you!


kp: HAHA, funny read

Make fire with a soda can and a chocolate bar

simmo: through a softdrink can darkly ...

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