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Romanian Woman Thief Hid Mobile Phones In Her Vagina

cryptomail: huhuhuhuhuh set to vibrate I suppose :)

Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine lyrics

simmo: Laura Cantrell cover

Study: Children who socialise more, get cancer less

simmo: Daycare in the first year of life for at least two days a week, with at least three other kids, halved a child's chance of contracting ALL.


BMJ: Steal this journal article

^matthew: Note: Article much more likely to get stolen if not in pdf form.

America's Fittest and Fattest Cities

^matthew: They really DO do everything big in Texas.

Man i can buy a dvd easier than i can download and reassemble 8 .rars. rip to vcd

simmo: divx


simmo: http://www.gay-thailand.net/mai-pen-rai.htm

Exploding toads baffle German experts

coderman: " According to reports from animal welfare workers and veterinarians as many as a thousand of the amphibians have perished after their bodies swelled to bursting point and their entrails were propelled for up to a metre (three feet)"

Updated with quotes from dissenters: Controversial Queensland Premier of 19 years dies at 94

^matthew: Old guy dies, critics stunned. Film at eleven.
simmo: Remind me you said that when Bush has been in for 20 yrs

Ents don't like Audi


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