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3 trillion in supposedly counterfeit FRNs intercepted in Phillipines enroute to Zurich.

aminorex: Interesting questions abound: Where they really counterfeit? What are the known associations of the handlers of the shipment? Connections to intelligence agencies, banking officials...?


dav_: Testers needed for orgasm machine
MutinyWork: Meloy, of Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is hoping to find eight more volunteers willing to have electrodes inserted in their spine and be connected to a pacemaker-size machine implanted under the skin to heighten their sexual pleasure.
MutinyWork: No wonder they don't have many takers.

9/11 antiterrorism security incidentally cuts down on ecstasy smuggling; kids turn to more dangerous drugs to compensate.

^matthew: And a hearty 'good job' to whoever thought that was a good idea.


simmo: "maximum of 1 Mbps"
simmo: "costs around the same price as ADSL"
simmo: "IntelliCell technology which was developed by ArrayComm Inc. based in San Jose California USA."
simmo: "'pointing' a signal to the intended user"
simmo: phase array, i guess
seti: For comparison, ADSL2+ offerings with 24 Mbps downstream / 1 Mbps upstream are starting to appear in the Netherlands, at EUR 44.95/month (will be increased after the first year).
seti: so effectively 10 Mbps, more likely
simmo: seti means the ADSL2+


simmo: eheheheh s/unix/gentoo/ rofl

Apple's Big Virus

Love letter to Condi.

seti: more like a sonata


simmo: "nearly twenty per cent of children were exposed to pornography or had communicated with a stranger online"
simmo: that's a pretty big 'or' .. most strangers, believe it or not, aren't child molesters
simmo: even online
simmo: "nearly forty per cent of parents said that their children have had a negative experience when using the Internet at home"
simmo: if childhood is anything like the way I remember it, 40% is remarkably low
simmo: full report
simmo: this story breaks up the one-in-five .. one-in-six had accessed porn :\
simmo: only 3% had talked to a stranger ...
simmo: anyone have comparative figures for accessing of hardcopy porn? I seem to remember it was more than 1/6th of the kids I knew who'd seen their dad's dirty mags
simmo: I heard in some countries kids even sleep in the same room as thier parents ... who also have sex

Wikinews: Koizumi offers apologies for Japan's past

Wikinews: Iran shuts down Al-Jazeera bureau

The end of oil is closer than you think

coderman: awww yeah. nothing like a herion|oil addict getting off the juice. or crude. ... something like that.
coderman: "global oil production can be expected to decline steadily at about 2-3% a year ... "Just kiss your lifestyle goodbye."" - heh
coderman: <warren buffet> 10: PRINT" stocks are associated with pebble bed nuclear reactor technology?

Building an Ogg Theora camera using an FPGA and embedded Linux

coderman: because rechumps never get old
coderman: 4004 x 2672 resolution at ~12 fps. or maybe 30. but probably 12.

Trent Reznor posts a song from the latest Nine Inch Nails album in GarageBand format

seti: for fans to play and experiment with. necessary, because the album itself pretty much blows
seti: (the single isn't too bad actually)

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