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"I heard Tom DeLay's blood was in the water and the sharks were circling him, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a metaphor."

Torvalds knifes Tridgell

seti: Orlowski trolling again
Mutiny: trolling except he's funny.
Mutiny: "At most, Tridgell is accused of wanting to create a client, or tools for a client, that isn't under McVoy's control. Anyone but McVoy would consider this is a win for open source."

Run Linux on Gmail

seti: whatever!

Seven months after the convention at Madison Square Garden, criminal charges have fallen against all but a handful of people arrested that week.

seti: See also Emmanuel Goldstein's story of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York, and the atrocities he had to live through.

"it's funny ... in a darwin award kinda way"


McDonald's test marketing Spam in Hawaii.

eeeeeee: wireless + spam = fun

If ever a film did not need a remake, this is it.

Davis Monthan AFB, AZ (Google maps)

seti: is this one of those bases that by treaty have to be visible from space?

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