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I am on my knees on the hallowed ground, invoking the collective good spirits of Jesus, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and our Holy Father the recently departed Pope (and Ralph Reed just to be safe).

National Acadamies Report on the future of DNS, both technically and politically

Tonus: See also a short summary here.

Scripting a Web browser together in C# in a few minutes

Google wants your DIY porn videos

Tonus: "The privacy conscious among you may wonder how this giant database - which knows your search queries, your email, and the people you know through social network - could have managed to stay out of your bedroom for so long. Now you have it."

The invention of the Hindu

seti: "Hinduism is largely a fiction, formulated in the 18th and 19th centuries out of a multiplicity of sub-continental religions, and enthusiastically endorsed by Indian modernisers. Unlike Muslims, Hindus have tended to borrow more than reject, and it has now been reconfigured as a global rival to the big three monotheisms. In the process, it has abandoned the tradition of toleration which lie in its true origins."

A Wicked Curveball


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