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^matthew: Case study: one massive project that the Bush administration has turned from minor inconvenience to colossal failure.
Ash: <Zim> Failure.. or Success?!

MCI accepts Verizon's $7.6bln offer

slashdot: ID Theft Made Easy

simmo: chiagoo writes "You may remember that 70% of the time, people will reveal their passwords for chocolate. Well, at this year's Infosecurity Europe, it was revealed that 92% of the 200 attendees surveyed would gladly trade enough information to steal their identities for a chance to win theater tickets. Social engineering at its best. Why spend time writing bots and rootkits when people will give you what you want for a piece of candy or
simmo: a ticket to see The Pacifier?"
simmo: The remaining 30% volunteered their password without even needing to be bribed
simmo: or asked
simmo: in fact 10% can't say anything but their password
simmo: aka 'shell shock'
seti: I don't even know any passwords, Keychain.app does the remembering for me

Stolen Laptop Exposes Data of 100,000

Tonus: mmmm... fs encryption.

Calibrate your mac's display

simmo: http://www.aim-dtp.net/aim/evaluation/gamma_space/ select the target gamma from the list at left, then try different values for the command: xgamma -gamma <your_value_here>
simmo: until the gradient looks flattest grey you can get
simmo: oh you said osx .. not X


simmo: interview notes needing editing to make an article


simmo: AU$2,090.00 + GST
wmf: I'd bet you could build a much faster fanless Pentium M system
simmo: generally you need at least one fan to get the heat out of the case, using off-shelf componenets, but I bet you're right
simmo: but this one is also very small ..
simmo: barebones version AU$600



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