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welcome to the terri schiavo deadpool

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Does anarchy scale up ?

Iraq's WMDs auction


rabbi: Keep watching, it gets better.

Zentai pics (not safe for work)

seti: (not for your mental health either)
seti: "Dear Japanese people..."

To the people posting comments I'd like to convey the following: Dear US People: Please stop exploring the limits of insanity. It scares us. Love, The rest of the world.

seti: More bullshiting
seti: Phat Oliphant comic to bring some perspective
seti: "I'm beginning to understand [the GOP's] obsession with Terri Schiavo - she's really their idea of a perfect woman - white, fertile, and completely passive. I'm surprised [Senate Majority Leader Bill] Frist hasn't appointed her a spokesperson for women's issues."
Ash: and I'll never ever ever write a song about simmo

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