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hot greensp0rn

Ex-WorldCom CEO Ebbers found guilty on all counts

seti: I could interpret "Ex-Worldcom" as "MCI"

California's ban on gay marriage ruled unconstitutional

Hijacking pages in google search results for fun and profit.

pretender: 'The first thoughts of technically skilled webmasters will be along the lines of "banning" something'

Microsoft patents XML in New Zealand

Dual intel/AMD board <?!>

Dual CPU mini-ITX board from yesterday

simmo: more info
simmo: "density to up to 168 processors in a fully-configured 42U rack while using only 2.5kW of power"
simmo: however each CPU has only 64k cache :\
simmo: which is why it's nice to have two of them on each board
simmo: how to make a EPIA-friendly kernel
simmo: please tell us where to buy

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