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(((((((HAPPY BIRTHDAY EST))))))) || "We call it computer-conferencing, or phone sex, or virtual this and that" ; you've got gangsters in power, and law breakers making rules

DEA announces DEAblog, the bad guys' weblog.

XS4ALL's Eleven Yellow Rules (for work in their datacentre)

seti: (1) Only people authorised by XS4ALL are allowed to access this area
seti: (2) Wear your access badge visibly.
seti: (3) Inform 0800-0150 about calamities and incidents.
seti: (4) Use of mobile phones inside the server rooms is only allowed at a distance of at least 2 metres of any server equipment; radios are not allowed.
seti: (5) Take care of anti-static protection.
seti: (6) Close all access doors within 30 seconds.
seti: (7) Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed within the server rooms; smoking is forbidden throughout the building.
seti: (8) Do not drill, wet or chop.
seti: (9) Keep everything clean and tidy.
seti: (10) Finish your work carefully.
seti: (11) Sex is not allowed prior to 2 o'clock in the server rooms.
^matthew: "Lol." Do they expect any of those rules to be followed? (Maybe #3 will be.)
seti: I expect so
seti: usual reaction is "before 2AM or before 2PM?"


forgot to customize a really old example?

Dual-processor mini-itx board.


simmo: Forbidden



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