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ninjatendo enteraintment sister ;; going to etech? i'll buy you shots! ;; just another livejournal suicide.

Guido Hates Lisp

Mutiny: I completely agree with everything he says in this 100%

US quits agreement on access to diplomats.


^matthew: I'm going to start keeping count of how many times I see that story today. This item is fourth today. I'm betting ten or more by the end of the week.
seti: that just proves everybody loves teens.
^matthew: And brownies. And semen.
seti: but how do you feel about santorum?


uid0: Watch the refrigerator one
pretender: The washing machine puts up a fight
uid0: Now you know who to call next time you need to shred steel drums filled with concrete...

Rosemary's Restaurant

How to make X.509 certificates with identical signatures.

rik: in 8 hours on a 1.6 GHz PC.
Ash: good thing we're all using X.510, eh?

The PowerBook Sudden Motion Sensor


Zerodhero: Addictive flash game
Zerodhero: Strange, Strange Japenese folks

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