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new research, rhesus macaques trained to type on keyboard with one hand

Tehran threatens oil crisis for Europe and United States over Iranian nuclear programme

seti: Funnily enough this is only on Asian, Australian, African news websites... as if Europeans don't care? (so far only seen on dutch teletext)

Someone shoot Theo

rik: already resolved.
pretender: What, you mean OpenBSD is not unconditionally secure?
seti: Theo's mails should bet a mandatory signature, "Caution: author does not play well with others"
Ash: man what an asshat


What The Hack official website

Tonus: 5th every-four-years open air hacker event in Holland this July.


rik: Blindoflded kid plays computer game theme tunes on the piano.


seti: for a change this website works in Safari now


rik: anyone? :)


burtonator: Due to some inconsiderate people linking directly to our multimedia we were forced to take the content offline since it generated too much traffic.
seti: commies

Sale of Wild Horses to Slaughter Legalized

Mutiny: price of dog food futures drop precipitiously
seti: WASHINGTON Dec 9, 2004

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