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the depression superhighway

Freud is quoted as saying that "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," but I doubt he would ever have said "sometimes a fluffy pink Eiffel tower is just a fluffy pink Eiffel tower."


vab_work: Shortly after, one of the other unix administrators thought they saw Rodger use one of those free pens the MicroSoft reps give out
vab_work: then BLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMMMO Rodger shot himself on Tuesday leaving behind only a four page long shell command that ended by printing "I'm Sorry."

Theory of Neckties

Reuters: TiVo shares rise on takeover speculation

Zerodhero: Apple to buy Tivo?
Zerodhero: Some how this would not surprise me

The parents of Palo Alto school children are responsible for society's downfall.

^matthew: Made especially funny by all the serious comments contending that crossing guards are a good thing.

audio dsp on gpu

'Super Trivia' episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force


CNN: New organism raises Mars questions



Zerodhero: Guy gets a grand for reading the EULA

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