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Zerodhero gazes into the 19 inches of glory | <eeeeeee> well..i not *that* big


rabbi: pwn3d!
^matthew: Anyone ever heard of a "griefer" ?
Mutiny: No way this is serious
Mutiny: "Was this information useful?" Fuck yes.
cryptomail: Oh, this is serious young man.
cryptomail: we're on to you NIFOC'S


Zerodhero: Give me $50k or I eat the bunny!
Tonus: oh jezus, tell me that paypal account balance thing is a fake.
Tonus: slashdotted, mirror here.


Zerodhero: Study finds Windows more secure than Linux
Zerodhero: Believe it or not, a Windows Web server is more secure than a similarly set-up Linux server, according to a study presented yesterday by two Florida researchers.

'Firefox Breaks 25 Million Downloads'

Tonus: .. or why slashdot posters should either learn English or have a great sense of humour.

Wal-Mart employees still not worth not spitting on

Tonus: What I like most about CAPITALISM magazine is the RED color in their title banner.

CapMag - Jerk-offs wanking in your browser.


simmo: When the target is a paltry "5% below 1990 levels by the year 2012" does it matter?
simmo: I suppose it's better than exponentially increasing


simmo: raytracing competetition results today


Fun and irony with Google Maps in Washington, DC


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