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CodeCon 2005: Feb 11-13, Club NV | Happy New Year (of the Rooster) | No one's tight with Nice Pete. He'd murder dead things if science would let him.



percentage of Earth's land area stricken by serious drought more than doubled from the 1970s to the early 2000s

simmo: linear trends in the Palmer Drought Severity Index from 1948 to 2002

Airport security zeros in on an 87-year-old 'threat'

simmo: "For David and Harold, the issue is a constitutional Catch 22: How can they overcome the effects of a law they're not allowed to read?"
simmo: Goodnight from the Bush/Cheney Candid Camera Show. Thanks for watching!
simmo: (And remember folks, it's because they're jealous of our FREEDOMS! HAHAHA)
simmo: Freedoms are bad. You don't need 'em anyway, huh?
simmo: "Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. We'll take care of those suckas."
simmo: Lay down your burden of liberty. Lay it all down.
simmo: America! Are we laughing at YOU?! HAHAHA What are you like?!

ZMag: Stories from Fallujah

simmo: "She watched the soldiers enter and shoot her mother and father directly, without saying anything."
simmo: "'They beat her two sisters, then shot them in the head,' he said. After this her brother was enraged and ran at the soldiers while shouting at them, so they shot him dead."
simmo: testimony documented on film
simmo: "They entered with their boots on, beat the doctors and took them out, leaving the patient on the table to die."
simmo: "US military commanders knew [the location of some clinic], because we told them about it so they wouldn?t bomb it. But this was one of the clinics bombed, and in the first week of the siege they bombed it two times."
simmo: Oh there is more
simmo: Your tax dollars at work.


simmo: No, it was because it was so boring.
simmo: oops. hope I don't get the sack :\

Wow, it must be cold in there

Ubuntu Linux

deltab: last year's artwork controversy



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