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I remember when Crays were considered fast computers -- so fast that they allegedly required three HALT instructions in a row in order to stop." | CodeCon 2005: Feb 11-13, Club NV


Zerodhero: Saving america, one fatass at a time!

old scarecrow sues girls for giving her cookies, wins

seti: also note the links in topright corner - "Outraged readers say cookie ruling was half-baked"

My Little Golden Book About Zogg


simmo: Piotr Tchorzewski, an employee of Poland's biggest Internet portal Onet, said:"This thing is huge. We have recorded around 100,000 Internet searches a day for the list, which is 10 times the number looking for sex."
simmo: He expects us to believe they only get 10k searches for sex each day?
seti: only so many new suckers each day that find out a search engine isn't the best place to find sex

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